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900 Ss Engine Removal And Strip You Tube

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Expat Jack, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Might be of interest to some of you. He's a bit long winded (especially the first episode), not watched it all, but make your own mind up. Might help someone. Apologies if already posted.

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  2. Just watched all 4 episodes thanks Jack, what a nice guy ?
  3. Was it any good/help?
  4. I think he struggled a bit more than i did removing the lump the other day, i used my lift and rachet strapping only. There we all do things differently and certainly learn all the time. Looking forward to his re-assembly. Surprised at the cyl / piston wear at such a low mileage.
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  5. Yes, I am far from an expert on anything like this but did think his method was a bit odd, not to mention precarious.
  6. Watched 4 so far, don't think he's looking to forward to the repair bill.
    I see the barrel studs are black not sure if they were replaced or they came standard on later bikes as early were silver, (hope i got that right)
  7. Not caught up on it yet. Been a tad busy with one thing and another.
  8. 5 is ready to watch.
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  9. There’s is another one on the tube of a 600 restore, that’s been quite a good watch. UK this one, will find the link later.
  10. Just watched a little, blumin ek we all seem to remove the engine in our own way but that looks a long winded affair, makes the 748 look easy.
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  11. Y, the early shiny ones are a more brittle (think that's the appropriate terminology) metal, later black ones are not prone to breaking.
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  12. Should have used my front and rear stands.......dead easy.
  13. Still got them Al? Just watched these, the ST conversion looks interesting. Any one done it?
  14. Yes Paul, still have them, but another member wants them. If he changes his mind you can have them.
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