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900ss Clutch Housing - Does This Look Ok?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by ck_uk, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. I've refinished this by hand, including hand painting the logo in hammer blow silver. I don't know how other folk have approached this job? I haven't done the oval surrounding the letters or the "MADE IN ITALY" lettering, as they look a bit tricksy. I don't know how it was done originally at the factory, in terms of masking these details?

    I didn't know whether to just leave it completely black.

    Ducati clutch housing.JPG
  2. Looks good but I reckon the seal is knackered...
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  3. It's painted masking tape
  4. I reckon it looks great - you've also given me an idea for renovating my own.
    What type of paint did you use for the dark grey? Cheers
  5. It's actually a matt black paint from LIDL, which they seem to sell every few months. It was about £3 and surprisingly good quality.
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  6. Bloody cheap, the joy of Lidl & Aldi! So is it black rather than dark grey as it looks in the photo? It was a spray can presumably - did you prime the casing first? If you did what did you use? Pete
  7. Yes it's black, probably the light making it look otherwise. Etch primed first, I think it was UPOL brand.
  8. Thanks very much, great stuff.
  9. What's it like when oil and petrol get on it?
  10. I expect it will be ruined when it sees 'action' again.
  11. These are the actual products I used.

    I believe the proper way of doing this is Cerakote, but my budget wouldn't stretch to that.

    LIDL paint which says "resistant to petrol etc"





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  12. ck_uk,

    To me I think the cast letters and oval boarder are cast higher than finished size, painted then milled/machined and the tops taken off the letters. I can see milling marks in mine,

    If I were to paint mine, I would paint over the letters then stick some fine wet and dry to a flat block and rub down until aluminium shows through. be careful not to catch the other paintwork. I have not tried this but as long as the block is flat and the wet and dry is stuck to it very flat with minimum over hang I can't see why it would not work.

    I would say a smaller block would work best with a small overlap on the letters to allow for rubbing back and forth. Try and maintain downward pressure to keep the block flat to the surface and try to be supported by the oval boarder at all times.

    This is only what I would do of course.

    Cheers Gaz

    edit: The "made in Italy" is painted over on mine and does not look to have been machined back to base metal.
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  13. Cheers Gaz

    I've done exactly that. The lettering is now showing it's original 'machined' appearance. Just need to fit the new oil inspection window.

    Still got some more work to do on the rest of the engine.


    Of course, same approach will be needed to the alternator cover.

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  14. ck_uk
    Spot on, glad it worked - looks good.
    Cheers Gaz
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