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900ss Clutch Master Cylinder Lever (remote Reservoir) Rebuild?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by =^..^=, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. I've got an issue with the clutch on my 94 900ss - and it does not appear to be the usual slave cylinder leaking.

    What happens is I squeeze the clutch lever and it operates the clutch (duh!) but if I pull / release lever in quick succession it seems to go into a hydraulic lock where the clutch lever is out but solid. It does not let the fluid back into the reservoir - it slowly fills the reservoir again (over about 20 seconds..)

    Or alternatively you squeeze the lever and when you release the lever the fluid "jets" back into the reservoir...

    I thought I'd be able to get a kit of seals etc and rebuild the lever but unlike the integral reservoir lever I can't find a kit and there is no "exploded diagram" of seals etc shown here.


    Is it re-buildable ???
  2. The coffin style is 13mm you can get a rebuild kit for it. Not sure about the remote reservoir.

    Amsktm are worth a try, KTMS of the same era used the same Brembo brakes on some models, I've got a kit from them previously
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  3. I would strip down the master cylinder and give it a really good clean out (sounds like something is blocked in it) You’ll probably find the seals will still be in a good useable condition. Definitely worth trying and it’ll cost you nowt
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  4. I second the KTM route for seals.
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  5. Thanks guys - I'll pop it apart, measure the piston diameter etc etc - and post back what I find so we have a note for the next time some one needs to know.
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  6. It'll tell you on the side I think. A PS13 for example, is 13mm
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  7. So post 2000 for example, it's a 12mm
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  8. Here you go....
    Fitted to 1994 to 1997
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  9. oh wiow - thanks for digging that out - I'm not near the bike at the mo' so I was going to take a look later.

    So in effect it's the same kit as the integral / coffin clutch master cylinder...
  10. Jeez, is that you in the speed wing??
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  11. Yep. That's me over Empuraibrava in Spain. Still been faster in a wingsuit (182mph) than I've been on a motorcycle (177mph)
    I used to jump at a place in the UK called tilstock which is down the A41 from Whitchurch. The chief instructor at the. Drop zone lent me a high performance canopy which was mega fast across the ground and I 'broke the speed limit" flying alongside the A41..
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