Featured 916 Sps Build. Only Been Stood For 7 Years

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by FirePhil, May 6, 2019.

  1. Finally got round to starting building my 916. Seems that life, job, money and promotion got in the way. As on my first thread, I've gone the route of get it half decent now, enjoy the bloody thing over summer, then a full strip down over winter. This is a bitsa, but i don't have the money to buy Ducati racing tri spoke wheels, or original green clocks! unless people are giving them away....ahem! So, as it was bought...stood for 7 years by an elderly gent who went unpunished for his crimes against motorcycling 20180721_105553.jpg !
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  2. So problems found so far...
    Disc bolts seized in
    Original cast iron disc seemingly covered in grease
    Rear shock spring flaking, no idea of weight
    Lots of carbon, needing lots of repairs
    But.... It runs well, sounds great and looks amazing!
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  3. They could be magnesium wheels - have you a picture of the other side of the spokes? If so worth a lot more than tri spokes... was this mentioned before about this bike :thinkingface:
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  4. @cookster had similar, and now looks like new!
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  5. Re-lacquered the tank, sanded down as the petrol resistant lacquer went all orange peel on me. Went from 400 grit through 9 steps to mirror glaze polish. Last week i have been mainly sanding! 20190504_120606.jpg Original 20190504_120606.jpg 20190504_120606.jpg 20190504_120606.jpg



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  6. Could be Exige, and yes I'm sure this was mentioned when I originally joined. I don't think i can go to the levels of Cookster though!
  7. Wheels look like 998 ones.
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  8. My project did go a litte over budget :D
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  9. Or later 996 ones.
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  10. Also sorted this today. Am I the only one that thinks that flogging is too good for someone letting this happen! 20190506_153101.jpg

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  11. ok, first question. With all my kit on, I'm about 15 stone. What spring do I need, as the one pictured is OEM and suitable for slim short Italians! 20190506_142556.jpg
  12. Well they aren't :)
  13. Why?
  14. No ridges on the spokes :eyes:
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  15. Standard 998 Front & Rear:

    IMG_4497.JPG IMG_4498.JPG IMG_4499.JPG IMG_4500.JPG
  16. And that's the ones mine are. Had to go to the garage to confirm! 20190506_231828.jpg