916 - Wont Rev Past 7k

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  1. Hi - advise needed.
    My 1997 916 on it last run ( Fb) bogged at 7k, like a rev limit, bonced around a lot to.
    Work done todate
    coils, fuel pump and filter, cleaned tbag. New battery, Wiring sorted, charges all ok.
    Then sent to Ducati
    Fuel presure checked all ok at low and at 7k revs
    Coils, fuel lines, injectores checked
    test chip inserted - OK, no difference
    ECu swapped, no difference
    Crank sensor inspected and wiring checked.

    300 quid bill :( No fix

    What next ?
    thanks in advance
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  2. welcome Dave
  3. Maybe :) gonna chnage TPS, Crank, Air sensors, plug leads and plugs. See where we go :)
  4. Air sensor and TPS would have been checked at Ducati, presumably they ran diagnostics on it?

    I would change the crank sensor with a known good one before changing TPS, plugs leads etc, is it missing on both at 7K or one only?
  5. Split fuel hose?
  6. All seems fine there- fuel pressure test on the dyno :)
  7. Who did all the checks?
  8. Ducati Bridgewater
  9. Dont think I would be over the moon if it cost me £300 to be told dunno.Hi,by the way.
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  10. HI :) - Keith, my sentiments exactly - they would of course continue to investigate :)
  11. Try Louigi Moto
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  12. Cheers , I think when I caled them last time they were ultra busy, if i cant make headway I will try them again :)
  13. And not for free.
  14. Wouldnt that be a fine thing :) They should do it just for the pleasure
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  15. Obviously,no one will work for free but if a bike is taken somewhere to have a fault fixed,you could be forgiven for wanting a positive result.If I was a professional mechanic,I would be a little embarrassed to have to admit to not knowing what the fault was.If you did want me to have a look,not find anything and then give me cash I suppose I could overlook my embarrassment.:upyeah:
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  16. I like that sentiment. It gets worse. It came back filthy. Which of course begs a closer inspection....split air box, paint damage on air box, the worst paint on on my fuel cap (I suspect the topped tank on its side still with fuel inside) . Strap msrks on the frame from the delivery van straps. Oh and petrol dripping from the quick rekease fittings. Not a happy bunny

  17. I'd be asking for my money back...…
    Glad I don't use dealers :eek:
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  18. We shall see what comes of an email and phone call. I only took there as a last resort ..big mistake :)
  19. Good luck with the dealer and the revving issue :upyeah: