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  1. Hi all
    Need new battery for my 916sp all advice and comments please
  2. Get an AGM acid battery, from a recognised manufacturer like Yuasa or Motobatt. I would not advise a LiFePO unless you are prepared to upgrade your regulator/rectifier. Andy
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  3. Yuasa from Halford's with Forum Discount :)
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  4. Yuasa for me
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  5. As with that one person who has smoked 100 cigarettes a day and lived until they were 90, I have had a lithium battery on my 996 for years with the original rectifier with no problems.

    HOWEVER it's a track bike only with no lights etc, the battery is removed and on it's correct charger when not in use.
    If you wanted to use one on the road I would change the regulator.
  6. On the SPS and yes i need to top up the acid by the looks of things.:eek: DSCN5218[1].JPG
  7. AGM Motobatt has been on my bike for 9 years now, trouble free.
  8. Worth looking at the starter cable (bigger is better!) if you haven't already - it was upgraded on my SP3 5 years ago and transformed starting and battery life...
  9. Love the Lipo, never needs charging and the volts coming out of my regulator must be special Lithium volts because it works fine.
  10. I’ve had batteries for a couple of bikes from Nigel at Bombatteries including one for my 916. He was able to give good advice and excellent service. He’s on 07768 466169.

  11. Just bought an exide correct fitment battery from euro car parts £28.50 + vat
  12. I'd go with the Motobatt (in fact I did), it maybe heavier than other batteries but starts first time even after weeks of no use and lasts well.

    I've got them on all my bikes, the one on my Guzzi weighs 10kg :astonished: but the previous (8kg) battery would struggle to start it. The Ducatis are less battery hungry but slow cranking does no good for the sprag etc. and I 'm happy to sacrifice a kilo or so in extra weight for a bike that will start first time every time.

    Also replace the starter cables with heavier duty as that helps greatly.
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