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  1. Got an email from Jess at Ducati Glasgow before Christmas telling me their Hypermotard 950 demonstrator was in the showroom.
    So yesterday i put many layers of thermals on, and after 30 minutes of removing covers, locks and putting the rear wheel back on my hyperstrada i headed over to Glasgow.

    There it was in pride of place right in the middle of the showroom as you come in the door.

    After finally getting dragged off it by the misses i spoke with Martin(The Owner) and the deal was done. New 950 Sp arriving in April
    Last order of buisness was to take the standard 950 demonstrator out a test. I was the first customer to ride it and even though the road conditions were a bit sketchy it was awesome, unfortunately didnt have the quickshifter fitted but it has definitely been brought up to todays technical standards, sounds brilliant with the twin pipes and some of the small niggles have been more refined.

    IMG_20190105_203618_709-1600x1600.jpg IMG_20190105_203618_707-1600x1600.jpg
    Just need to sell the Hyperstrada now but will put a post up for that in the future.
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  2. Cant wait to hear the double exhaust.
    Did you get any information on the expected mileage on on a full tank being that it is smaller than before?
  3. Looks a great bike. Enjoy.
    Jus5 a quick qtn, In the second picture the front brake line looks tight - pulled over the bottom yoke?
  4. Most expensive and overrated bike on the market. It’s not as good as an 8 year old KTM 990 SMR
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  5. Expensive yes, and the 939 definitely didnt warrant the price tag as it lacked any tech like quickshifter but the 950 now has all the goodies.
    Overrated i wouldnt say so. Its quite under rated imo. Iv test drove the brutale 800rr, tuono 1100 factory, speed triple and the most disappointing of all was the 1290 superduke R. Excluding the superduke they all felt great on the testdrive but when i jumped on my hyper to drive home i loved it even more than before.
  6. I love the look of the Hyper but if you didn’t get on with the 1290 you must have been doing it wrong ;)
  7. I got off the 1290 and just thought "mehh its alright" its not the holy grail bike that everyone says. And dealer completely agreed with me as soon as he seen my face when i got off it. Every other bike iv drove felt great until i got back on my hyper and realised nah the hypers better. But the duke was the only bike that was disappointingly average.
    Yes it has plenty grunt to point and shoot but i felt when ur on the throttle its so planted it dosnt want to turn at all, and when ur off the throttle in town it tips so quick it feels unstable. There is no happy medium. And the vibrations are unbelievable. Not for me im afraid
  8. We can discount your views Alan if you didn’t like the 1290 Superduke !
  9. Had one of them,monster bike,wish they would do another,with 1290 motor lol
  10. Like this ?

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  11. Seems like a rough ride, I'd rather have the Hyper. Looks better, probably handles better and sounds better.
    Just overall better bike..
  12. Get off the crack pipe Jose !
  13. I'd be on crack to get the KTM over the Hyper..
  14. Really ? You’d get off that KTM and think it was the best bike ever made
  15. Oh no, I have a buddy that has a 2017 and it doesn't compare to the hyper at all, hell, he even say's so..
  16. You would never know unless you ride one after the other , trust me.
    Don't get me wrong, the KTM is an awesome bike, but if I had to pick, Hyper all the way.
  17. No way Jose . . .
  18. Lovely bike! Nice to see the exhausts under the seat again. Was very close to ordering the 939 SP
  19. :upyeah: