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950 - Termignoni Slip-on’s, Remap Needed?

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Stripy, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. Hey up,

    considering getting the OE Termignoni’s from Ducati, but wonder if I need a remap, too?

    Any of you clever bunch have some facts to share around this?

    Hopefully this sh*tty weather can improve very soon so we can get out again
  2. Don’t think so but if they did the map would come with them.

    the SC Project cans are slip ons and they don’t need remapping.
  3. It's not required although you wont reach the full potential of the exhaust without a remap or tuner. If you are just wanting the more agressive sound and better looks then you are good. Giuseppe Starace is in the process of making an aftermarket exhaust for the 950. He also makes a free flowing intake for them as well and is fully recognized by Termi, they make various maps specifically for his intake(and soon for the exhaust as they are going to be a collaboration with Termi as well(that's the way I understand it)). But, you dont need a tune/map to run just an exhaust.
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  4. All slip ons do not need remapping ;-) But if you want increase more performance you will do - Stock Ecu has some limitations due approval street use and to preserve engine. Stock performances are just 70% of real engine power (Hp and torque)
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  5. I have them and they are just as restrictive as the stock cans and really don't sound much different. You do not need any mapping. That being said, these slip ons are way overpriced...I would do the Project SC's....:)
  6. You can map of course and performance will be very high -
    About Price... you are right
  7. If full system then it would be a good idea to match the engine to the pipe...if only slip on than I certainly would not bother with remap. Imho lately the factory end cans are as good as any aftermarket ones*, is the catalyst that is holding back the power(or smooth/instant power delivery to be more precise)
    * excepting gsxr1000r bucket sized can :)
  8. Thanks for the feedback, guys.
    As the silencers are built in and not removable, I've decided to hold back on the Termi's for now.
  9. The silencers are easily removable, it takes less than 10 minutes to remove and refit them ;)
  10. I have tried SC and Akrapovic duals cans on others' 950s. I also put termi full system with "Racing evo" map on mine. From my own perspective, termi full system with "Racing evo" map is the way to go. Feels a world of difference in term of performance, not just sound.
  11. The up party from my experience riches the map up and makes it much nicer on part throttle, and takes a bit of heat out the exhaust and running temp of the bike. I know my 848 made a significant difference but I think there are catylisers in their cans on that so explains it, I’m not sure. I’d say if you are changing exhausts but leaving the cat in place you could probably get away with it with a quality product like Akrapovic, not though If you massively change the length and bore of the pipework.
  12. I have the termi upmap/air filter and 14 tooth front sprocket.
    It now has more grunt and sounds the part. You also lose the cat.
    No regrets so far.
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