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Featured 996 996r Arrived :-)

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Fraser, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. OMG, thing of beauty now arrived!! now just got to wait for summer.........

    996R 1.jpg
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  2. Good for donuts in the snow - get it out :D
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  3. Smart move Fraser & welcome to the 996R club.:upyeah:
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  4. Now you mention it,I quite fancy a jam donut with a cup of tea,but unfortunately i've just come back from the dentist.:(....but i'll pick some up later now.:)
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  5. Wish I had never sold mine. But then again, that could be said for a lot of my earlier Ducatis.:sob::sob:
  6. I dont know whats more amazing. That you got a lusty 996r or that you bought it from them!

    Looks epic
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  7. Er, what do you mean??
  8. They make JHP look like charity shop prices .
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  9. Well they were happy ish to haggle ish
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  10. Their pricing is well known to be 'interesting'
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  11. Anything under £70k it was a steal ;):D
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  12. Absolutely beautiful. Dream bike stuff right there
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  13. Lovely bike Fraser
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  14. bargain then :)
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  15. In seriousness, it looks like a really nice bike and if you're happy with what you paid all good :upyeah: enjoy
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  16. Wow. You lucky sod!! Enjoy. :upyeah:
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  17. lovely bike mate well done :upyeah:

    Sheffield bikes??
  18. Lovely bike, enjoy! :)
  19. Sheffield bikes??[/QUOTE]
    yup, seems like they're not too popular or too pricey but no problems for me and think i got a good deal.......
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  20. yup, seems like they're not too popular or too pricey but no problems for me and think i got a good deal.......[/QUOTE]
    Because everyone wants to sell expensive and buy cheap here :):)
    As long as you are happy that is a good deal.
    Safe ride and enjoy the beauty.
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