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998 998 Tank Wreath Decal

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by funkatronic, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Hi all
    2002 998 and 998s bikes came with the silver wreath "1" decal on the tank (i'm assuming to commemorate the 2001 WSBK double win )


    Can those with 2002 998 bikes in original factory trim confirm if the this decal was applied under or over the laquer?

    many thanks
  2. Not lacquered over - sticker is on top...
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  3. Mine is over the lacquer from what I feel too !! Sorry mine is a 2002 998s if that's relevant !

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  4. My 2 999R's from 2003 are both lacquered over - them crazy kids :thinkingface: I wonder if the 2003 998's were too :eyes:
  5. My 749 and 999 had lacquered-over ones too.
  6. I can also confirm feeling the 998 and the 999 up at the same time the 999 is different to the 998 and it has been lacquered over !!
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  7. I wonder if anyone has a 2003 manufactured 998 to check :thinkingface:
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  8. Oh, hang on - I don't even own an anorak :bucktooth:
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  9. My 2002 998s the decal is under the lacquer.
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  10. My 02 998s is on top of the lacquer.
    Same was for my 02 748R 2x and also on my 02 Bostrom.

    cheers nick

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  11. No wreath on my Bostrom but have got sticker on My 2002 748E.
  12. My bostrom had one, i think....
  13. Was it an original UK bike? or was it brought in from USA or another country, maybe small differences in different markets.
  14. It’s was a German bike imported to me in the Netherlands. Not sure about the decal, can remember it was full of stars well think google will clear it.

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  15. So far as I know the UK and Europe were combined as one of three markets, the other tw being USA and "the rest of the world" with 155 produced for each "market"
  16. Not lacquered over on my 02 model 748r.

    Can anyone advise correct wreath on 1999 build (2000 reg) 996 please?

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