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  1. Please can anyone confirm whether 2006 999,s had Magneti Marelli IAW 59 ECUs,s or IAW 5AM,s. Reason I ask is a friend asked me to help with problems on his bike.I happen to have a 999 of the same year and when comparing the two bikes mine had the 5AM and his the 59 which I thought was unusual.I wonder if has been changed in the past.
    Any help much appreciated.
  2. I believe the early bikes had 59M ECUs but later ones the 5AM. There will have been a point where bikes of the same year could have had either. @chrisw should be able to confirm.
  3. Thanks Derek. How do I go about asking chrisw.
  4. Derek "tagged" chrisw in his post (in red). Chris will be along soon no doubt.
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  5. Hopefully he will see this post or you could PM him.
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  6. Around 2004 they fitted the IAW5AM. So a 2006 bike should have a 5AM.
  7. Thanks @chrisw . This seems very odd then. The bike is definitely 2006 with colour coded frame etc. Another thing I noticed was my bikes instrument panel has a green colour when back lit and my friends is more blueish.
    The bike seems to have been played about with in the past(exhaust de catted and made free flowing with absorption baffles). Former owner says owner before him did this and “remapped” ecu to suit.
    I’m trying to establish if it was just a fuel trim or a proper remap they did. It seems funny the ecu isn’t correct for year so I’m wondering if the IAW 59M was used for this reason.
    Any thoughts.
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  8. Delving deeper and having read more about what can be done with the ECUs of this era,I’m beginning to assume the bike had its original 5AM swapped out for a mapped 59M because of the free flowing exhaust.

    Odd thing is the immobiliser does a funny thing. As follows

    1. Turn ignition on and dash goes through its usual checks
    2. Immobiliser icon comes on and then continually flashes.
    3. Press starter within 16 seconds the bike will start on the press of starter button and icon goes out.
    4. If you go through the above but leave for more than 16 seconds when you go to start there is absolutely nothing.
    5. If you disconnect the ignition barrel antenna it is exactly the same.

    My question is and I hope @chrisw may be able to help, are these symptoms synonymous with a virginised ECU.
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  9. I don't know about the immobiliser icon if the ECU has been reflashed but turning all functions off after a period of time is normal, I thought it was about 20 seconds.
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  10. I timed my 999 ,which is not showing any issues ,and after 1 minute the main light turns off but it will start on the button.
    May be there’s a difference between 59M,s and 5AM ecu,s in this area.
    I wonder if any one has timed this on a fault free bike that has a 59M ecu. This data would be very useful if someone would like to try.
  11. From the owners manual for the ST4s which also uses the 59M ECU :
    Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 09.59.20.png
    This suggests that it is normal for the 59M.
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  12. That's good information Derek thanks. What section of manual did it come from and I will check what the 999 manual says.
  13. It's in the section about using the keys and the ignition switch.
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  14. Normal behaviour. You have 15 second window to start.
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  15. I suppose that begs the question why my 999, which seems to be standard,allows you to attempt starting indefinitely after ignition is switched on.
    Perhaps it was a difference between the 59Ms and the 5AM, and Ducati didn't bother deleting it from the manual.
    I know this is all academic but any knowledge is useful.
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