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For Sale 999 - Pressure Forces Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Old rider, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. Bike pic cropped.jpg Sadly, I need to sell my beloved 999. I had an off in the Summer but it's all fixed now and back to its former glory.
    New battery and ExactFit cables make for instant starting,
    New EBC HH pads for stronger braking.
    Oberon slave gives a light clutch lever for the smooth and progressive clutch
    PC3 plus modified exhaust gives 128.5 rwbhp (according to a printout that came with the bike)
    Faultless fuelling gives linear, relentless thrust
    14,000 dry miles and I am only the second owner.
    Lots of stainless, titanium and carbon.
    Later, more reliable coils
    Later, more reliable ecu with the immobiliser switched off to eliminate potential problems.
    Tyres, sprockets and gold DID x-ring chain all good
    R1 throttle tube for slightly quicker action plus zero play for smoother riding.
    Helibars that look standard but make all the difference to comfort.
    LED stop and tail internal board for added brightness plus reliability.
    999.jpg 999 pic 1.jpg
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  2. GLW(not)Selling OR :p
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  3. GLWS Jeremy - make sure you stick around if it sells :):upyeah:

    Buy a jet ski :p
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  4. Thanks Stu,

    I will stick around - not sure about the jet-ski though...
  5. GLWS. Sorry to see you hang up your leathers but do stay around here.
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  6. Oh drat I’m sad for you
    No need to leave the forum either
    You never know :)
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  7. Yup, they deflect air off your elbows
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  8. You could advertise them as mechanical heated grips?
  9. The pic wasn’t taken from the seat. The mirrors aren’t quite that useless. It’s just immediately behind that’s awkward and tucking an elbow in does the trick
  10. Apologies OR, I was taking the Mick. I am aware of Ducati mirror procedure of elbow tucking even though I think my ST is probably better than most :D
    It's a really nice bike you are selling, if you do have to go through with the sale somebody will be a really happy camper :upyeah:
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  11. Thanks, it’s quite a wrench.
    I am 68 now though and the power is rather addictive, so it is the sensible thing to do
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  12. keep it. it'll keep you y
    Keep it. It'll keep you young :)
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  13. Keep it. It'll keep you young :)
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  14. Nice bike
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  15. Even if my heart says otherwise...
  16. Nice looking machine, glws.
    There is some ropey welding on the frame (pic 1) - is that the norm?
  17. As in “Age shall not wither them” ??
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  18. Really? I’ve always thought the welding was rather nice.
    The light is harsh and directional, I think that may be what makes it look rough. I don’t think it is in reality.
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