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For Sale 999 Quick Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Cream_Revenge, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. Hi
    Quick sale needed.
    999, BP 03.
    11k mls
    New MOT
    New CnS
    Alleys + code
    Decored exhaust and custom map.
    Very recent mayor service.
    Full professional respray under 100mls ago.
    Loads of carbon
    Mono conversion.
    Loads of other bits and everything to put it to OEM.
    £3.5k for very quick sale
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  2. This April fools thing is going to far!!
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  3. You're no fun
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  4. Vicious.

    I've sent you a cheque, just in case.
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  5. I bet that wasn’t in the plan. Poor old you.

    No doubt the first of many.
  6. Never mind was after a proper Red version ;)
  7. Hope it turns out OK mate. Very sad to see.
  8. :punch::joy::joy:
  9. Must be an April fool as the price is way above what its worth :p
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  10. I hope so but fear not
  11. I feel bad now. Was expecting vultures and I got sympathy. Sorry guys.
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  12. Bastid!
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  13. Very good, it was so cheap I really thought you were in trouble. I was even contemplating offering to buy it off you, leaving it at yours and let you have a buy back in 12 months for the same price. But, I'm nice and you are not :p
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  14. Sorry!!!!
  15. Your OK mate. It's pretty funny & I feel somewhat foolish. :upyeah:
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  16. you're to nice.
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  17. Cheap....3500?! And its yellow!!

    2500 and may have had a snap....
  18. I’ll take the bar end mirrors? Which ones are they, I am looking for some for my S?
    What have you done for the front indicators? Lots of questions I know!
  19. You have my cheque still, right?
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