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Featured 999r Fila Replica #174 - 1500 Miles 2 Owners

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Raddy1, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Hi All,
    Been thinking of this for a while, i own a 999r Fila Replica #174
    Its done 1500 miles with FSH from Ducati
    It has ALL the standard parts + the race parts
    Plaque (signed by Neil Hodgson / James Toseland)
    Xaus related private plate
    Its in stunning condition as you would expect
    Testing the water for a guide to value - i am expecting the usual comments like a bag of carrots / swop for a Donkey, so please comment and lets see what happens


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  2. 2 bags of carrots (you cant have my donkey im saving it to buy the bostrom 998)?

    you might get flamed for not introducing yourself properly in all of your 6 posts but nice bike anyway
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  3. ironically i took my 749s "nero" out today and wondered what a 999r would be like...
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  4. This will go quickly as we've dealers on here watching & snatching, so get in fast or you lose.
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  5. even the stands have bubble wrap and rest on ply
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  6. Agreed, value £15 / 18k perhaps.:thinkingface:
  7. Mine sold for 17.5k but that was in 2006... Wish I could remember the # number! Registration number R999 SBK!
  8. one recently sold with a sticker price of 15950
  9. Sorry RC1 - i am just a retired old fart from Nottinghamshire, nothing out of the ordinary to declare i own a couple of nice bikes here is one of them.

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  10. Nice stock rg500.

    I had one too for 3 years. Modified it...to an 562 mark dent tuned version. From 74 rearwheel hp to 126 ponys at the wheel.
    Wheely beast. Did cost a 10k euro to modify haha
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  11. I’m so looking forward to becoming a retired old fart. :)

    proper cool bikes, both of them!
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  12. Hi All, thinking of selling the RG500 as well she has only done 5500 miles - 2 owners again
  13. Gonna sell both bikes if you know anyone that is interested RG has done 5500 miles and 2 owners again, love your comment
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  14. Wow that looks shinny & immaculate for a friday morning flaky sky.:upyeah:
  15. Hi, yes ALL my bikes are mint.
    The RG500 is probably going up for sale with the Ducati and a Honda SP1 with 3001 miles on it (the Honda is a very special bike as well)



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  16. Your killing me with your beautiful collection selection, that's now three very tasty motorcycles.
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  17. I don’t like this bloke !
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  18. Everything must go including the wife in the cardboard box.
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  19. I’ve got a wife thanks, one is enough.
    Don’t these SP1s have a very short fuel range? Seem to remember an old Boss bought one when they were new and would only get about 80 miles? Mind you, he rode like a complete dick
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