Featured 999 999r Incoming!

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  1. A quick preview of my latest flame shortly to join my little collection of T9's. Having covered just 1000kms from new and a complete overhaul prior to going on sale, this one is without a doubt, a keeper.
    dscn8128(1).jpg dscn8130(1).jpg dscn8132(1).jpg


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  2. Nice colour mate :upyeah:
    Someone fitted different forks??:thinkingface:
  3. Wow - lovely...like the colour scheme..
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  4. I don't know I haven't seen it yet. I bought it on the strength of the photos alone. The calipers look a bit different from my other one I guess. IMG_0007.JPG
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  5. It's the prettiest I've seen tbf!
  6. They are not R Wheels by the look of it.
    Plus 1098s forks fitted
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  7. Looks fab, but doesn't look like an R frame :thinkingface:
  8. That isn't a R frame either...
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  9. Standard exhaust maybe too, not Termi? :eyes:
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  10. Keep up o_O
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  11. I guess I will find out on Saturday morning. I have a copy of the docs, VIN etc. and it's coming from a very reputable Ducati agent. What's the difference in the frames?
  12. Foot pegs mounts are the most obvious - it's a bi posta or S frame I'm afraid :(
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  13. What year is it?
  14. Non standard fairing too..

    Hope you have a returnable deposit..
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  15. Ahh you said looks like. I was more positive with it isn't
  16. I was being a little more diplomatic :thinkingface: unlike some on here :blush:
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  17. 999R04.jpg
    I can't see how they differ?
    As for any other bits; wheels, forks, exhaust etc. I have all of those in any case. As long as the numbers match, I'll be happy!
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  18. How so? I'm keen to know for obvious reasons!
  19. The numbers won't match I'm afraid :(
  20. R frames only had 2 positions for mounting the rearsets.

    Other frames had more mounting positions. You would've thought it would be the other way round..

    Plus the R frames had a bolt on crossbrace in front of the airbox. Although we can't see that part from the pics.
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