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For Sale 999r Race/track Bike

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by t3scn, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Many of you know me and my bike, it's been a long and hard decision but I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready to part with my 9 series to make way for my focus on racing.

    The bike is a custom-built 999 series race bike, built with no expense spared as the ultimate analogue 999 track/race bike developing 170bhp at the rear wheel. Full specification and details of the engine build below.

    • 999R special engine (170bhp at the rear wheel)
    • Ducati Performance (DP) Carbon Race Firings
    • DP Front Fairing & Dash Supports
    • Gubellni Race Rear Subframe
    • Renthal Race Clip-on’s
    • DP Race Screen
    • DP Carbon Induction/Air tubes
    • DP Race Filters
    • Aluminium Radiator
    • Race Expansion bottle
    • 749r Fuel Tank
    • DP Carbon Race Fuel Cap
    • DP Neoprene Seat
    • DP Carbon Front & Rear hugger
    • DP Carbon Belt Covers
    • DP Carbon Clutch Cover
    • Carbon Swingarm Covers
    • DP Aluminium Rearrests
    • Ducati Corse Folding Gear Shifter
    • Ducati Corse Rear Brake Leaver
    • Ducati Corse Four-post Slipper Clutch
    • Ducati Performance Engine Breather Race kit
    • Termignoni 57mm Banana Race Exhaust System
    • Race Configuration Brakelines
    • Brembo RCS Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder
    • Brembo M4 Monoblock Calipers
    • Brembo HPK Discs (New 2019)
    • Renthal Front & Rear Sprockets (Additional sprockets available at cost)
    • STM Slave Cylinder
    • Quick action throttle
    • Bikesport Developments Switchgear
    • Nitron Race Shock with Remote Reservoir
    • Ohlins Steering Damper
    • Ohlins FG315 Forks
    • Lithium Battery (New 2018)
    • Full service including belts, suspension & health check winter 2019

    The bike has been serviced by Richard Llewellin owner of Louigi Moto, Bristol, with no expense spared (He is happy to testify on the condition & spec).

    I'm asking £9,750 ono - The bike is advertised elsewhere and there is a spares package available at additional cost.

    _AJP1052.JPG IMG_3853.jpg Bike 1.PNG Bike 2.PNG

    Engine Spec/Detail:

    Special engine built by Jeff Green of GTEC and other renowned history. I have a full picture history of the build by Jeff, this was done in 2012.

    F02 sand cast crank cased 104mm bore (999R/1098) with a lightened, knife edged, balanced 1098 crank, 749R titanium rods, and HC F06 pistons. The heads were modified by CJS but keeps the std valves and cams.

    As the crank cases are F0 sand cast they did not have a neutral light or starter machined in them although the casting was there for them. They were machined by Jeff so it now has a neutral light and starter. No engine number in the usual area instead it is stamped F02 005.
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  2. er....
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  3. Is that sold? ;):joy:
  4. oooooh er missus, having seen this thing fly someone is in for a treat, its a great set up and being sold by a stand up guy ........

    Spares package you say ? ;-)
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  5. This is a well turned out bike.

    Hope all goes well with your racing endeavors Simon.
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  6. Beautiful bike, GLWS Simon
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  7. Good point, he may want to keep this as his spare bike lol .....
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  8. It's far too nice to race :joy:
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  9. He has a shorty old aprillia for that
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  10. Drools
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  11. Thanks all for the kind comments, it’s been such a fantastic bike. An absolute pleasure to ride.

    @Dibble, I have a lot of parts; Wheels, tanks, Corse race fairings, Carbon R fairings (Full sets), HPK discs, Corse Rearsets, all the OME parts and much more. Ideally the bike will sell before I let go of the parts.
  12. Will you be using the Aprilia and where can we see you race?
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  13. Watching this space !
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  14. It's a thing of beauty
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  15. Yep, running my Aprilia RSV4 RF
  16. Very nice!
  17. Can you put together a list and price for the spares package, please?
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