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999rs Replica

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by 2moto, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. I thought I'd post up a bit about out latest project. It's to convert a 749/999 road bike into a 999RS replica. Here is the end goal we are aiming for:
    This won't be a full build thread but rather the occasional update. There is a lot more info on our Facebook page 2motoUK. The project is in its final stages with essentially just the paint work to be yet completed.
    Short list of specs:
    Modified tank to get silhouette correct
    Lengthened swinging arm with quick wheel change conversion
    1098 engine with Panigale injection system
    One off airbox
    RS frame braces
    Linear rear suspension rocker
    RS rearsets
    Offset adjustable yokes
    Radial GP fork bottom conversion
    RS factory radiator set
    RS factory exhaust adapted to 1098 engine
    RS rear subframe
    RS full bodywork
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  2. Panigale injection system? That's a new one on threads using 1098 transplants :upyeah:
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  3. It's because we use the bottom of the tank as the lid for the airbox, so needed a way to mount the injectors.
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  4. Stunning machines - fab project :)
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  5. Following on Facebook. Nice project.
  6. Yeah I've been using the Panigale system on Franken9 since summer 2016 Bradders but with the OEM 999 air box lid:

    WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 15.46.03.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 15.42.26.jpeg
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  7. Yes, using the standard airbox was definitely one of the key considerations. However, we wanted a larger airbox, and use the same approach as the factory race bikes by using the underside of the tank as the airbox lid. The throttle bodies now sit completely inside the airbox (not just the intake funnels), and this resulted in a airbox volume of over 22 liters.

    So far, we did an initial dyno session and ended up with 162 rwhp. This is with a completely standard 1098S motor. I am sure there is more to come. 170 at the rear wheel would be nice.

    Here is the dyno chart:
    Dyno graph.jpg
  8. like an electric motor? 4k-9krpm bit over 20?Nm Air/fuel lean out last 500 revs?
    whats that mean?
  9. Eh? 4k to 9k between 100 and 120 Nm. The slight lean out at the end is to be ignored as it's the end of the dyno run before you shut the throttle.
  10. Did you get a baseline of this engine on the same dyno before starting? I ask as those numbers are too high for a standard engine.

  11. No base line for the engine as we bought the engine used. The engine was dialed in properly and it runs a different exhaust, airbox, and intake system, so not incompatible with the curves you posted, airduck. Note how much stronger the torque looks.
  12. So did the 999 corse bike use the tank base as a plenum lid then?

    Could you post details of what you did to make the Panigale injection mounting methodology work on the testastretta engine please?
  13. Yes, exactly, that's the way the race bikes worked. I allows for bigger airbox which is very much needed with these big twins. Using the 959 injector mounts puts them much closer to the optimum distance to the butterflies compared to when they are located at the top of the plastic airbox lid.
    The only part we had to design was an adapter plate for the 959 intake funnels to bolt to the 1098 throttle bodies. The 959 funnels have different oval dimensions to the adapter plate has compound curves. Nothing too difficult though. Here is a picture of them.

    And how they are installed:
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  14. So was mounting the induction elements inside the airbox had nothing to do with access, it's really a volumetric exercise then?
  15. The rule of thumb is the bigger the airbox the better. You can't make it too big.
  16. True but airbox design isn't just about volumetrics it's also about flow paths, and internal resonance and equalised pressure otherwise you may as well run pods, so is the underside of a corse tank profiled differently to suit?

    Good stuff this :)
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  17. If it's too big how can you create the required vacuum to alleviate the under piston pressure in a rev range the engine can handle? I'd wondered what rev range this airbox is designed for?
  18. Well, the dyno chart tells you a fair amount.
  19. It's a bit optimistic IMO
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