999 999s V Rsv4 Factory

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  1. 20171028_113247.jpg 20171014_110957.jpg 20171028_113257.jpg For anyone interested here's a short amateur comparison of the two bikes....

    The first thing that hits you in the face when looking at the RSV4 is the compact size of it, more like a 600 supersport than a 180bhp superbike, the second thing is its ride height when you climb onboard, its quite a bit taller in the saddle than the long and low 999 and also squatter and more dense, where the 999 has a waisted midriff the RSV is fuller, but although I am roughly 5'10'' and 13.5 stone it doesn't really feel cramped .

    Starting is different as well, you need to keep a finger on the starter until it catches unlike the one touch 999,and when it does start the noise is loud (Akrapovic system),and not dissimilar to the 999 but with a more fulsome and addictive raspy edge to it. Pulling away and 1st gear engages with a clunk ,the cable clutch feels quite light and gear selection is positive, although finding neutral at a standstill is not as easy as it should be,also in the cockpit display there is a useful gear indicator, which I sorely missed on my old 999 ,constantly trying to shift up a further gear when already in top.

    Out on the open road it really feels nice ,with 3 power modes, R for road ,S for sport and T for track,i haven't had the time to venture beyond R yet ,which limits the bike to 140 bhp, with S bringing the umph up to 160 break and T being full power at a claimed 180bhp...to be quite frank R feels plenty for me until I recalibrate and get to know the bike properly ,but I have a feeling the power available In T will be way beyond my humble capabilities!

    Being the Factory model the bike is equipped with Ohlins suspenders all round as on the 999S,the wheels are forged alloy, and unsurprisingly it handles very well with the forks soaking up almost everything our shite UK roads have to offer, all in all its a very pretty bike and an accomplished package ,I was tempted to go for one of the later APRC models, but launch/traction control,and wheelie control bollox isn't really my thing and I wanted to keep things as pure as possible.

    Anyway...time to take our cat to the vet, gotta go.
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  2. pics please. :upyeah:
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  3. Lovely I have had 2 of them, my favourite bike , in fact such a favourite ive just bought another one although its a track bike.
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  4. it looks like an rs125 in the first picture.
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  5. Nice.

    Try adjusting the clutch cable at the clutch lever to make neutral easier to find. Mate had the same issue on his Triumph.
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  6. Good choice of bike, lovely looking example, from the photos it looks like it has been well cared for.
    Enjoy it.
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  7. Watch the screens - they crack!
    Defo be in the running for me as a next bike!
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  8. There was a foreign import for sale in Bristol not too long ago...Was sorely tempted!
    Need pics of yrs also!
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  9. Ive give the lad a deposit to secure it
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  10. V tasty!
  11. Yes this is the only bike that seen me tempted to own something other than a Ducati, be good to get some updates on how you find this bike as time goes by (yes, I know, in the garage etc!). This also applies to @Kingfixer as he's also a 999 pilot too!
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  12. Very nice , Carbon wheels also. Did you buy it from a guy called Paul , who has just come back from Jerez.
  13. @Nelson You guna squeeze a multi engine in it?? :joy:
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  14. Always had a soft spot for the rsv4’s

    I’d consider one if the new v4 panigale looks a bit poo, also interested to see what the new s1000rr looks like as well
  15. My RSV4 IMG_0338 (1).JPG
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  16. I keep looking at them in the Alitalia colours :yum

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  17. didnt michael rutter say its the best superbike out there but no one buys them??
  18. Lovely piece of kit, but it's never going to be a thumping V Twin.
    Earlier V Four RC30 750 Honda's are a also nice piece of kit but...
    A good 888 would see one off without even breaking into a sweat, I can't help but think that a decent later Ducati would do the same to a RCV4 Aprilia???

    Steve R
  19. Maybe. I had a Panigale before the Aprilia , I find the Aprilia easier to ride , so I think I probably ride it quicker than I rode the Panigale.