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Featured A Kinighthood For Captain Tom

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Robarano, May 20, 2020.

  1. Brilliant News and well deserved. Arise Captain Sir Thomas Moore. :) :upyeah:


    Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 00.18.31.png
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  2. What an inspiration he is.
    Well deserved
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  3. Colonel Tom and well deserved. Sir a much maligned award. He can stand head and shoulders above some who have received it for political reasons without any service of note. A generation we can learn so much from.
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  4. It's pretty rare that most people agree with a person getting something from the honours system, but Tom seems to be universally appreciated
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  5. He’s old school, respectful, sincere, and selfless.....
    Oh and used to race scott’s!
    A gent.
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  6. He is more deserving than just about everyone else that gets these as part of their job progression or for appearing in a film. Well done mate :)
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  7. Why are they calling him Sir Captain Tom on the News when he's a Major now :thinkingface:
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  8. Thought he was an honorary Colonel? I might be wrong. Doubt it though. I never am... :):upyeah:
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  9. So he’s Colonel Tom when on official business for the Army Foundation College. Captain Tom otherwise, until dubbed when he becomes Colonel/Captain Sir Tom.
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  10. He'll be in Utopia now ...
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  11. We have to remember it was personalities and perseverance like this gent, that won us the war.

    Then you look at todays vegan, liquid gender fuck puppets screaming at being offended.....

    A true gent and a generation that sacrificed everything.
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  12. A1DDA5AD-6190-4364-919D-C959BCFE0050.png And he was a biker, nuff said.
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  13. Worth a few thousand musical millionaires. Retired politicians and lovey actors
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  14. As @Mary Hinge and @Edge_of_Town (who is definitely not El Toro) say, I think he is actually a colonel now. The next rank up from "Captain" is "Major", but I think all the tabloid pun-writers have been furloughed and so there would have been a real risk that if he was referred to as "Major Tom", there would have been nobody to make the obligatory "ground control to...." references in the papers, so they just leapfrogged him straight to Colonel.
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  15. we never won the war, we were saved by the yanks and the russians.............rest of it i agree with.
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  16. Without the Arctic Convoys Russia would not have held out. Without Lend Lease neither would we have.
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  17. It doesn’t look like they use an Honorary Major rank in the British Army:

    Number of Honorary Ranks British Army
    Honorary Rank Colonel 61
    Honorary Regimental Colonel 1
    Royal Honorary Colonel (Army Reserve Units) 5
    Honorary Catering Advisor 1
    1 - Data includes members of the Army Cadet Force

    He can’t be a Royal Honorary Colonel without serious elevation, and Honorary Catering Advisor hasn’t the same ring to it!
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  18. It was a world war. They all gave. Tank regiment at Belsen of which my then 24 year old Grand father dug mass graves with a bulldozer to bury 23000 rotting corpses. We collectively won it . American materials, British time to create a land base for world wide troops and Russian blood. My Gran at home working shifts in the ordnance and not seeing her husband for years gave. This man stood up then and he stood up now. That is a reason to honour him and those like him. Salute that man and his generation.
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  19. I heard he was supreme leader, with the hoody outfit and everything
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