A Nice Run Round Mallory On A 916

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Italianfan, Sep 29, 2017.

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  2. Same shape circuit they use for race testing (cars) on Wednesday mornings.
  3. Yea, but it's a very long time since I've taken a bike round the original circuit, and it was great ! They've even stuck another chicane in at the end of Gerrards now although I've not used it yet.
  4. Right. Thats it. I'm taking the 916 out tomorrow. The Pani can wait.
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  5. Me too....oh...I just sold it, doh!
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  6. And the afternoon is for bikes (or used to be)
  7. Think only the old BSB used that
  8. Fond memories of Mallory watching all sorts of events with the family.

    Last time I did a track day there it had 3 chicanes.
  9. I was at mallory couple of weeks ago bike bonanza.
  10. We should arrange a Ducati day there!
  11. There are far better places...
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  12. There are far better places...
  13. How much would it cost to hire a track for a day? Are people actually allowed to do it?
  14. Yes, cars have to get across the track at lunch time, wasn't sure if they put the chicane in for the (race) bikes. I suspect not due to time limitations.
  15. noise would be a problem at mallory!
  16. Same circuit layout as I had in 2015 doing a James Witham trackday there. Hadn't been there for many many years and quite enjoyed the day. A lot different to when I raced TZ's there at one time.
  17. You can hire a track for the day.

    Some do, but the only ones I have heard of I guess you'd say are racing or trade.

    I just asked my mate who works for an F1 team earlier. His job is some kind of management marketing role.
    He gets involved with cars doing donuts on hotel roofs, F1 cars vs Bikes for TV, meeting and greeting, nice meals and other such.

    He seems to think (from memory) it was around 25K for the day at Silverstone, on that TV programme.
    I think he said that was the national. Would seem cheap to hire the big circuit.

    I try not pry too much, but I suspect this price is discounted as they probably use that circuit for other things, and as they are involved with F1, Moto GP etc.. as well, I expect they fast track the vetting process.

    I guess track day providers know in advance how to dot the i's and cross the t's and being established.

    It's defo a call them and see.. So I would guess it's price as per basis, probably discounted for businesses who might commit to booking several a year, or provide some kind Kudos for the circuit, probably peak and off peak too (weather).

    With cars, It comes under exclusive testing (which is normally for promo or development types).
    Also used for demo (launch) days etc.

    I have known race car championships, have booked exclusively test days.
    I recall we raced one weekend and couldn't test the day before as normal... as It was fully booked up by the big spenders that weekend, so we were offered mid week.

    I fooked up, because I assume we'd be racing the National Circuit (Donny). When I unloaded the night before to be told it was the full GP. Shit! I went home got on the race sim. No way, I was going straight out into quali with these drivers without knowing the turns in advance, dips in the track make the cars invisible, they are so low and approach speeds are very fast. Have seen someone hit a back marker and go airborne before.
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  18. I wonder what Anglesey would cost for the day.
  19. The best (and most cost effective) way is to piggyback on someone else's event. Lots of race organisers struggle with numbers and having a defined group out at specific times helps them a lot. Look at how CRMC arrange their Donington Festival- lots of special Marquez get dedicated track time for very little cost. The CB1100R club got free sessions on the Saturday and the Sunday and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club had their own sessions
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  20. Unless you can get 90 riders better t bulk buy spots with someone like phil bevan at pembrey