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Icon A2 Compliance

Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by Kirky, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. My son is looking to buy a Scrambler (800cc) and make it A2 compliant so that he can keep the same bike when he gets past the final full licence barrier (he's 21 yrs now).

    Does anyone have any experience of this bike conforming to A2 - restrictor/throttle limiter?

    Anyone looking to sell any Scrambler model at £5-6K please let me know.
  2. Ducati do the 35Kw restrictor kit. Simple plate that bolts on to the throttle body. Part number 69927501A, about £30
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  3. DMC Preston have a Scrambler Icon for £5495 according to FB.
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  4. Thanks Nelly, you are a star!
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  5. I think that's the one we bought; 2018, yellow. Did the deal through Manchester and they fitted the A2 kit. Only got it Wednesday as they kept finding issues; sprocket worn (so new chain and sprocket set), Disc bowed (replaced), fork seal weeping (new seal the new stanchion as it had a mark). So saved us a big bill and worth waiting for.

    The weather sealing or lack of, under the seat looks bad for all year use. May post with photo to see if anyone has found a good solution to the intermittent mudguard.

    Also, does anyone have the colour code for the Scrambler Yellow?I have a couple of marks to touch up.

    I've only had a very short ride but the Termi sounds lovely without being too loud. My son is loving the attention it gets!
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  6. The paint codes are in the Owner's manual:
    Scrambler ICON
    ‘62 Yellow
    Primer code DS20052 (LECHLER);
    Varnish code MC060035 (LECHLER);
    Charcoal black frame AKZO NOBEL code MY/2/9611AV
    Matt Black wheel rims PEHADUR EINBRENN-LACK VPCH03352 (Peter Lacke)
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