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Aaachooo! The Panic, Panic, Panic Connedvirus Thread!

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Arquebus, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Mass hysteria.

    Caution avoid all and everything Chinese, otherwise you will die.

    So don't open any parcels, use your PC or phone, take all your clothes off and burn them.

    Don't eat bats or snakes.

    Don't go out anywhere.

    Wear hazmat suits at all time.

    Blame the government.

    Blame Brexit.

    Do not order takeaways, especially number 39 (F knows what that is......like most Chinese food I guess)

    One flu over the cuckoo's nest (well, don't eat birds' nest soup or cuckoos, then).

    We're all doomed, don't panic, don't panic!

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  2. Reminds me of contagion. Which was rather a good pandemic film'
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  3. Remember, swine flu, bird flu, emu flu, beaver flu.
  4. It's Indian for me tonight as most Fridays, Chicken Phal tonight - no bacteria can live in that :blush:
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  5. clearly you are living proof that they can?
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  6. I don't swim in it, it goes in me tummy :bucktooth:
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  7. Your 'tummy' are you 4 :rolleyes:
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  8. Last night and the night before, I have been eating bubble and squeak.

    Today, I now know why it is called that.
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  9. My local chinese delivery driver is from Bangladesh, I should be safe.
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  10. Well over 20 million Chinese people are under travel bans to, from and within their cities. Lets all hope its just a precaution...
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  11. I believe tin foil fashioned into a hat shape is a good precaution :D
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  12. It's flu.....just another strain.

    Probably more people died in the UK last year from the heatwaves, than they will from this.
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  13. 2 of my brothers live in Dalian city.. wouldn't surprise me if they are patient zero..(i can talk about the 2 of em in the singular as they are twins)
  14. 6 :mad:
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  15. I am wearing one from a Tesco steak pie.
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  16. Oh shit......

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  17. I was living in Mexico when the Swine Flu epidemic happened, so I know what you mean about over reaction.


    Still the Red Army have despatched tanks to Wu Han to keep order and prevent people leaving.
    #17 Jez900ie, Jan 24, 2020
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  18. .... it's mutating!!!!!!

    This one could be running all year....

    Most people will have something in their house that was made in China. So we we all doomed.....:skull:
  19. 850 cases so far, apparently.
    World population: 7.7 billion

    850 is 11038.96% of 7.700.000.000. (I think)

    That's seriously one helluva epidemic.
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  20. I was only wondering over Christmas.....

    ....whatever happened to the Corona lorry?
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