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Aaachooo! The Panic, Panic, Panic Connedvirus Thread!

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Arquebus, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Germany has a very high testing rate, which might help with early isolation of "culprits" but even then the difference is staggering.
  2. Turns out it wasn’t a real meltdown. Just foolishness on Instagram to which Piers Morgan reacted by accusing him of attention seeking. Pots/kettles.
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  3. wahtatwat he is.... go build a fuckinshed like the rest of us....
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  4. So kinda attention seeking but by the cover of 'I'm only messin'....sneeky bugger
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  5. D6DEB1B6-6E4A-47DC-B845-F7B9F4E9ACF6.png

    Two very different outcomes for one of my friends and his wife. He ends up trying to teach the kids maths while she crunches much bigger numbers as she tries to bail the world out. :D
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  6. For the record I won the daily PE task with my 7 year old girl, we watch Joe wicks each morning and do the workout, good job as working from home is much closer to the fridge
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  7. Daughter in law is a head teacher, to cater for the children of key workers she has drawn up a rotor for teachers to look after 33 children of different age groups, all went well until today when only 7 children turned up, no phone calls from parents, can't help some.
  8. That's just rude the arse holes
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. 985329EF-D016-4393-94EF-292546D7B4E3.jpeg
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  11. You can see Andrew in the middle having a chuckle
  12. Wonder if the self employed wished they filed higher tax returns for the last 3 years?
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I assume you are referring to some of the support grants?

    6. The earnings period to be used to determine the maximum grant has yet to be clarified.
    For new employees in particular, options will be needed and also for seasonal staff.
    However, clearly there will need to be a base line and options being considered are likely to include,

    a) Average for a prior period such as 12 months to 1 March or perhaps the month of February alone for a new employee
    b) For seasonal workers, it might be possible to use the same period last year, such as 3 months March, April, May 2019.
    c) For those working irregular hours or say, on reduced pay (e.g.’ maternity or sick leave) a different previous period may be needed.
  15. No.
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  16. Are you suggesting final.... if the self employed had put higher returns in, then they would be closer to the 80% being closer to the £2,800 a month?
  17. i think most just wish that they will get looked after a lil bit... despite contributing billions in taxes we are largely viewed as being not eligible or deserving of assistance... it will be a wake up call for all when the independents go bust and all that is available is the likes of british gas or pimlico plumbers for maintenance..
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  18. i like my women as i like my covid.. 19 and easily spread...
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  19. I think help from the government is coming today. ... stay positive buddy.
  20. OMG.... I've just realised this COVID19 has turned me into a labour supporter...
    I'm not working, sitting at home watching daytime tv and wondering what the government will do next to help me....:eyes:
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