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Aaachooo! The Panic, Panic, Panic Connedvirus Thread!

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Arquebus, Jan 24, 2020.

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  1. The nice policeman said she did it. That’s usually enough for them. I did say this time yesterday that there seemed to be something fishy about the case
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  2. That's good enough for me, ill just imagine the rest :upyeah::)
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  3. So how does that work? Considering governments don't have money.

    I suspect a massive economic crash not so far away.
  4. People are beginning to think
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  5. Have a read of the article posted above. It is long, I made probably 3/4 thru, but interesting
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  6. Worth noting that it’s still only 20% of tested positive that need direct care, of which 20% don’t make a recovery. Shame we don’t know how many tested.
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  7. Right, how much has been spent so far, what £3bn written off today.What am I missng?
  8. Dude, the figures aren't high enough, they need to continue to scare. Don't worry, they will say social distancing and isolation worked.

    Watch the tracking technology come. 5G isn't for you to watch YouTube or Netflix
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  9. All joking aside for a minute..

    Isn't everyone else getting absolutely depressed and thoroughly pissed off with the news coverage?

    I know I shouldn't but we always whack on Sky News or BBC when in the kitchen cooking, obviously turn it off when eating, but fuck me they're beyond relentless when searching out absolute doom, despair and misery, Sky especially.

    Every question is loaded to produce negativity, every detailed 'special' (and I use that term loosely), is all about drilling down to the furthest possible depths of trash reporting.

    The main anchors ask questions, get an answer not negative enough, so they ask the same question again and again but in variations until the response starts to slightly go the direction they want at which point they hold on to the smallest comment and wrap things up as though the entire thing was about that.

    They ignore answers, they report on deaths with an opening line as though it's a sure thing and then whisper 'the coroner is yet to issue the cause '

    Absolute bastards :rolleyes:

    Yes I know I shouldn't watch it, but I kinda hope that one day I'll turn it on and Kay Burley falls over or something :thinkingface:
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  10. I ignore it all. Will walk out the room if it’s not turned over. Sick of all the inane, dumb questions at the conferences and the endless experts being trotted out to make loads of ifs, buts, maybes.
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  11. Isn't like they all report the same script
  12. According to the author, the virus is not at all dangerous, and the main reason the available information may indicate otherwise is due to vile socialist -at times communist- medical systems inaccurate reporting. I'm amazed that Trump hasn't hired him to replace Faucci...

    In the meantime here are some year on year fatality comparisons of Italy.

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  13. I heard some government dude saying footballers should take a pay cut.
    I agree footballers are overpaid, I'm not a football fan, but why the hell should they take a pay cut, if the clubs want to pay it, it's their business.How the hell would that approach end.
    ffs governments are spending money like there's no tomorrow.
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  14. 100% true... i have just watched 10 mins of news accidently, put the lap top on the remote, it switched to the news and before i knew it i was sucked into some bollocks about 100,000 a day to be tested by the end of the month bla bla bla.. as ive said before, my mind changes every 5 mins about the seriousness of this threat and need to work ect, but this coverage is just so fucken shit im lossing all interest in the subject and would rather die from cv19 or anything than have to put up with this bullshit for much longer.
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  15. You certainly did.
  16. i dont think soccer players should be forced to take a pay cut but it would be nice to see these mega rich players donating money to those less fortunate... not just during these times either... that said perhaps many do/have...
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  17. Most are called loded or leading questions, the idea is you have set the scenario to direct them into the answer you wish. On Sky in particular you can tell when the guest isn't playing the game when they keep interupting the guest telling the truth.
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