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Aaachooo! The Panic, Panic, Panic Connedvirus Thread!

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Arquebus, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. I agree, but not enough mate!!
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  2. China and Italy’s health systems are/were overrun if you believe what you see on tv.

    do we just put this down to their culture, the medical staff, carers etc not wearing ppe and spreading it like wildfire? I’d wager our lot didn’t at first either.

    that’s my only real thought on this, most of me is leaning towards it being the biggest most unnecessary recession we’ve ever known...

    There’s talks of a vaccine being ready soon but also and importantly -


    let me out ffs!
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  3. I think the issue was the players were still getting full pay when the minimum wage workers at the clubs were being laid off or something along those lines :thinkingface:
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  4. yeah i heard that bit earlier... i think when shit gets back ti normal, all workers involved should go on strike and hold the clubs/players to ransom till they get fair compensation... unfortunately most will just be happy to be back at work... its a rotten system they have going on for sure....
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  5. They should be laid off like the staff have been. Let them try and claim their 80%....
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  6. Capped at £25k too...
  7. Limit your exposure to news broadcasts. 15 seconds maximum. Every other week. You'll be fine then.
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  8. So far in weeks, control movement
    Control travel
    Track sheep
    New laws
    Create debt

    Going quite well
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  9. maybe you are right... would be nice to see them not having to be laid off and willingly donating their salaries though... that way it would benefit those in need and not just save the clubs money... i dont know... too much wine.... perhaps if this bankrupts the clubs they may reassess the whole system and players wages... probably not though...
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  10. Oh-oh! You said "soccer!"
    Prepare your anus!
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  11. I tried, I really did.

    Basically Mr Zimmerman says if you look at the numbers like this the virus is not so bad.
    I was put off though, by:

    “I have a hunch, looking at all this data, but not enough data to prove it”

    Which I think means it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

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  12. I think it'd be a nice gesture for at least the Premier league players to take a voluntary pay cut. The minions at some of the clubs have been furloughed, meaning that the government picks up 80% of their wages. Surely a player on 250k a week only needs 125k a week at the moment to live on? I mean most of them are just stuck in the house on Ducati forums, aren't they? You don't need 250k plus a week to pay for that surely?
  13. I've just noticed that Ducatiforum has a separate " Coronavirus Section "
    ..... so I rate it as serious now !

    Just kidding around .... it makes good sense , given the number of threads and posts .
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  14. I dunno, £125k a week, it’d be tight wouldn’t it!:weary_face:
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  15. Bravo Alan, you see, summed up in one sentence :party:
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  16. I think the important bit was, I have a hunch.

    Not sure who (if anyone?) we should take notice of, keep seeing these experts rolled out for stuff like this, and none of them can, not surprisingly, predict the future.
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  17. Luckily for the lady concerned it made the news, had it not I’m sure she’d have been paying a large fine. Maybe BTP should have kept to the travelling without a ticket, much simpler for them.
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  18. Re the football clubs paying their players, AFAIK if the clubs don’t pay the players it’s breach of contract. Leaving the player free of the contract and a free agent. The player could still sue the club for loss of earning, kind of like damned if you do damned if you don’t for the clubs.

    It’s a lose lose for the clubs they’ll be haemorrhaging money to pay these players. However you’d have thought the governing bodies of both the players and clubs would get round the table and find a workable solution.
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  19. The interesting bits were the stats around the ship. Also shows how the same numbers, presented in a different way, give the opposite view of other ‘experts’.

    Much of the rest was same hyperbole of most news outlets and internet ‘experts’
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  20. There's video's all over social networks showing the Chinese pulling down 5G transmitters blaming them for the deaths (I think they are people in Hong Kong pulling cameras down though :thinkingface:) and also pictures of birds falling from the sky due to 5G. Even a guy in London saying the M25 is littered with dead birds after 5G was turned on there (probably just raining birds, it does rain frogs sometimes :p)
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