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Aaachooo! The Panic, Panic, Panic Connedvirus Thread!

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Arquebus, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Or as my father would say “shortness of breath”.
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  2. Is this the longest thread ever?, I know it feels that way, but I mean is it actually?, given the fact that Covid is going to be around for a long long time I recon it stands a chance of being so!
  3. The Brexit thread was very long and lasted for years & years. Scotland Independance thread is still going too I think and thats been around a good while.

    None of them have any chance of catching up with Word Association though!
  4. Just had a look, see what you mean!
  5. Mate - I should have just put a a smiley face to show I wasn’t having a pop.

    I’m on here for the bikes and a bit of camaraderie, not interested in fighting with people online - my fault - should have stayed away from the contentious thread! :upyeah:
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  6. Not sure anyone thought you were having a dig. :upyeah:
  7. well well well. while the press, conservative MP's, MSP's not including the faithful on here where calling for Dr Calderwoods head, that same weekend the Cummings (known to have had covid) traveled 250 mls to visit his parents.
    then you have this. i wonder which countries she was referring to..
    Lesley Riddoch

    making lots of sense on
    pointing out that little humble countries built fences on the cliff edge, whilst arrogant large countries have peddled conspiracy theories, scapegoated others & used xenophobic nationalism.
    looking at the stats, and on top of everything else, they are gonna have to pull something special out the bag. and i dont think pulling Truthless out of retirement is gonna cover it.
  8. Just what kind of a guy is Cummings taking CV19 into his parents house? The PM & the ministers giving the briefing everyday knew all about this whilst they were sacking Ferguson the scientist for having a shag yet said nothing. Blojob said Ferguson had to resign...
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  9. Whatta spineless little shit, running for the shelter of mummy and daddy putting them in danger, typical of his generation unable to handle real life situations just fall apart, this twat is unforgivable.
  10. Micro-clots but yes, peanut. Very, very good.
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  11. upload_2020-5-23_8-20-26.png
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  12. That's not Alan ...
  13. i .... say.
  14. Cummings is 49 so his parents are prime candidates for CV19. Really makes you wonder...
  15. Watched a bit of BBC ‘news’ this morning.
    Interviewing Mayor of Middlesborough

    You’re going to trial track and trace - when will that start ?

    “meetings start on Monday to sort the details”

    when will it start then ?

    “Don’t know for sure, meeting start on Monday to sort out the details”

    You won’t tell me when it’s going to start ?

    “That will be discussed at meetings”

    why won’t you tell me when it’s going to start ?

    Nicely done to make him look like he wouldn’t answer the question I thought, well done the BBC, useful reporting and provided great information.

    Watching ‘epic tales of captain underpants’ now.
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