Ace Cafe Meet - Sunday 28 January 2018

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  1. 4 th Sunday in the month coming up, 12 noon (British Summer Time!) at the Ace, and the weather forecast is excellent.
  2. Would loved to meet up, BUT, wife has just lost her mum, and it being mothers day need to stay at home to support wifey.
  3. Also would love to join... Mother's day duties though.
  4. I shall be there on the banana
  5. just me and you @Pete1950 ? And obviously quite a few unknowns' id imagine as the weather is looking good!
  6. Have you noticed it's Sunday 26th March?
  7. no. It's that day light saying thing ain't it? Gets me every year...
  8. Dumbass ;)
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  9. :Bucktooth:
  10. Sorry guys no can do. Off to ducati roadshow at Colchester with DK.
  11. 4th Sunday coming up ... 23rd April. Be at the Ace at 12 noon.
    PS The place will be full of custom bikes and cruisers that day.
  12. Great I'll come on the AJS Type 14.... a bit of competition for the fastest bike of the day.
    Nah...I'll be on the PP.
  13. Will try to get down this Month, via On Yer Bike.. assuming I don't get lost.
    Probably have enough time for the water temp to drop 2 or 3 degs before heading back for a family meal.
  14. Might be there on the DXD should put the cat amongst the pigeons seeing as it's not a real cruiser....or a imitation/Harley wannabe lol
  15. Surely a HArdlyabletoo is a imitation Indian?
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  16. well I was going to meet @Not Carl Fogarty at on ya bike then on to Ace but now I have to work...
    I was really looking forward to it as well.. Story of my life.
    there is a slim chance that I can get out of doing Sunday but as im on a price it would be a bit silly...
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  17. bet its one of those where every one turns up and not just me and 19fitty
  18. That's a bit of a... but there's lots of things to be doing at the weather hots up and Ace will be there next month. If the weather is on/off I won't get out. I need to rush about to make it back.
  19. yeah but I had the day mapped out..
    early ish ride to on ya bike and meet you ( their first Sunday for the season so will be good if sunny) show you the Rd down to my neck of the woods ( a few great bits involved) ace to see who turns up and home to see my boy and watch the gp..
    now I've put it in writing i may do it.. Take Monday off my regular job to finish the other.. Will see how it pans out tomorrow and the forecast for Sunday!
  20. On Yer Bike have sent me some emails/texts I guess you got them too?.
    I think they put me on their database when I bought a reg plate.

    Freddie Spencer 250/500 WC
    Michael Lav
    Luke Mossey
    James Hiller
    Jack Dixon
    Tarran Mackenzie
    Fred Clarke

    Alternative medicine stand has, herbal remedies, hydrobath, full body massage.
    Some slim bloke on a blade doing a wet t-shirt comp, pie eating contest & free booze.