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Acf50... Results

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Rapide, May 6, 2017.

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    I had a rare afternoon to myself today, so decided to have a proper go of cleaning the bike. I've done over 3000 miles since I got my 848 last December, despite some highlights, the majority of these miles where commuting on damp, salt covered, horrible roads (once I even got caught out in the snow - not fun :(). I've never really ridden through winter before, so was slightly apprehensive about salt damage. However, I liberally applied ACF50 when I bought the bike, used it liberally throughout the dark months, and crossed fingers.

    The result... huge relief when I took the fairings off again today and got to work cleaning. I'm sure the OCD detailers would still have another day of cleaning to do (I only gave the exhaust a quick going over with Autosol where its visible with fairings on for example - sacrilege, I know), but I think it's come up absolutely brilliantly and I couldn't spot a single bit of actual corrosion. Very happy - I love ACF50 :)

    I'm sure riding a Ducati through winter isn't for everyone, but hopefully this outcome will inspire a few garage queens to not worry too much about getting caught out in the rain occasionally :)
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  3. I've used ACF-50 since I used to 'borrow' it from the aircraft engineers before its was commercially available. Since then I've used it annually before every winter and I've never had any problems with rust or furring on any bike. It's proper white man's magic.
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  4. 25 years in the aircraft industry and I had never seen ACF50! We used PX24 which is WD40.
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  5. The stuff wasn't called ACF-50 but it was the same stuff chemically. Can't remember the MoD name for it.
  6. It seems that there is no MOD name for it as far as as I can tell as the RAF does not use it. It is American and probably only used by them. We used PX24 by the tanker load! Post wash an aircraft and the job cards normally included spraying undercarriage bays with copious amounts of PX24. It is only WD40 but works fine on aircraft.
  7. Does the RAF use salt on runways?
  8. Sometimes, they have a number of de-icing systems including jet engines mounted on the front of bowsers to blow and warm runways. I was not involved in that side of things. They also used de-icing fluid, but I have no idea what that was made from.
    Interesting is the fact that Brize Norton had a heated runway, but it was never used due to the cost.
  9. When I was in the aircraft trade, we used the white 5 litre tins of PX24, which have been widely used on my bikes for many years, with very similar results to ACF-50 but much much cheaper, and like you say, its virtually WD-40 which works just as well as ACF-50 if applied after each wash. :)
  10. Especially if you essentially wash your bike with WD-40... the 5 litre cartons + trigger pack is a revelation, nobody should still be using aerosols IMO. It's genius.

    We used to use Duck Oil at VW also, great stuff. Haven't had any for years though... or Duck Oil.
  11. I find WD40 leaves a residue and I thought it was known to attack some rubber-based seals.

    I'm into my third year on a 4L bottle of ACF50 which I apply with gun and compressor to three bikes after every wash and there's still two thirds left.
    I like the lasting shine that ACF50 gives to all materials as well.
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  12. Used to do the de icing with the bowser , we had 2 meteor engine on ours , good fun , made your ears ring abit even with ear defenders on ,agree with coments about ACF50 , good stuff
  13. I've us jsed acf -50 from before dinosaurs existed, of course back then it was just called acf.

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  14. Is this stuff ok round the brakes?A bike shop told me once not to use Wd40 near the brake pads as it would cause contamination. Ps the Did looks great.
  15. NO. Don't get anything but water or break cleaner near your brake pads. Don't spray on to discs or calipres. As a precaution always clean the discs with brake cleaner after any anti-corrosion application before the brakes are applied and the pads touch the disc.

    I always clean my discs after all washing and polishing whether I've used ACF50 or not. Car shampoo and polish isn't good for brakes either but ACF50, WD40 or any kind of lubricant is lethal.
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  16. So do you spray this across everything? Fairings, lights etc? Or just around motor, frame etc?
  17. No it doesn't on any modern rubber seals. They tested it by submerging various different seals in WD-40 for 3 months and nothing happened to them.

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  18. Last year, one of my rad hoses swelled up and burst on an 18 month old bike, I had sprayed WD40 liberally for that whole time all over the engine after each wash, also the frame and any exposed bolts. I still use WD40 for all the above bits but avoid the rad hoses, as a guy at motorapido suggested it may have been this that buggered the hose. Luckily, I was 200 metres from dealers when it burst, but possibly use caution around hoses?
  19. No, just exposed bits that may corrode, but avoid disks and pads. Caliper bolts etc is fine, just avoid any area where brake friction material goes. No need to do lights and fairings, as to my knowledge, they shouldn't corrode ;)
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  20. You are correct, but spray WD-40 on a MF Cloth and wipe the front of your bike inc lights. Come next wash, the dead flies just fall off.
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