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1200 Advice On Mulistrada

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Philm, Apr 17, 2024.

  1. Hi all, a bit of advice from you all far wiser than me! Been offered a multistrada1200 2012 with 23000 on it! It has full service history,desmo service etc, it’s a friends mate and was thinking it might be nice for a bimble but I’m a bit nervous about the high mileage! Be grateful for any advice ! Thanks in advance :upyeah:
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  2. Then don't go for it, desmo service is your big expense with these beasts.
  3. That's not high miles. If it's in good condition, go for it. Great bikes.
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  4. That doesn’t seem like high miles to me. If it’s had the Desmo done at 15K you’ve got a while before it needs to be done again. I love my 1200S!
  5. 2013 on a safer bet.
  6. 23k in 12 years is nothing, less than 2k a year! I can't remember how many miles my 2010 had when I p'xd it in 2013 but it wold be similar.
    Those first 1200s had raw power and were relatively light. As @J biker says the 2013 Twin Spark was more sophisticated and better engine, quite a bit more fuel efficient.
    But for a bimble that 2012 will be epic.
  7. Thanks very much guys, I really appreciate the good advice, I’ve never owned a v twin and know little about them so great to get feedback from you guys that know! Ps when I say bimble I may have a bimble around Europe ;)
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  8. 23k miles is considered high mileage? :O
  9. https://ducatispacers.com/products/...s-2017-monster-supersport-xdiavel-multistrada

    You'll hate the throttle without this, certainly get it before you bimble about Europe :D
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  10. Surely the bigger issue was the cylinder heads on pre ‘13 bikes?
    We could argue that if it running fine now, it should be ok. Why risk it?..
  11. No and yes. It still has a two way throttle cable but it's attached to an electronic unit. Andy
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  12. 54,000 miles and no issues with heads. The few that were a problem were mostly 2010. Andy
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  13. If I could have been quoted a sensible cost for european recovery, I’d still be riding my 2012 Multistrada 1200S. What’s he asking for it ? Andy
  14. I haven’t even seen it yet but friend says it’s mint, £7000, no idea if that’s good or not but it doesn’t seem a lot for a nice looking tourer to me! Still weighing up !
  15. My first Multi was an early 2012 I think, 1200 S, it ran like a beauty, rode like one and I have the same sentiment, had I not sold it (other reasons) I'd still have it. Brilliant bike.
  16. @Philm, £7000 is way over the top on the current market, that's above dealer price with finance and warranty. Maybe a grand to £1500 too much IMO. Andy
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  17. I was thinking that’s expensive for what it is. You can get DVT 1200s for not much more.
  18. I paid £7.5k for a 2014 GT with 10k miles from Ducati Stoke a few months ago. 7k seems too much for a 2012 with 23k miles.
  19. Thanks. Had a hunch that'd be the case. Presume the cables can be adjusted to remove any 'slop' in the action though.
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