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Featured After 30 Years, Finally A Ducati...

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by tonipig, Jul 26, 2023.

  1. Hello to everyone and greetings from Portugal :cool:

    New Ducati (at least for me) in the garage!
    A nice 2002 ST4S, which will receive the treatment it deserves, to get in shape and again as 'brand new'!

    Probably i'm gonna call her 'Alessandra', a nice italian girl who lived for the past 20 years in Germany, but decided that it's enough and wanted more sunny days and came to Portugal :)

    Foto 2.jpg
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  2. Welcome
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  3. Welcome mate
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  4. Saudações
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  5. Welcome to the forum Tonipig and Alessandra
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  6. Welcome into our mad house :)
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  7. Welcome to the forum.:)
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  8. Welcome to the forum !

    And congratulations .... you picked a winner !

    If you want a Ducati purely for track days , it's probably not the best choice .
    Likewise for high-speed weekend blasts on the road ( and best of luck with Gatsos and the Dibble ! )
    but I'm tall and getting on a bit , and much as I'd love to own a 1098 , it's just not a practical bike
    for me anymore ...... I've tried !

    But if you want the joy of owning a Ducati that is a fantastic sport / touring machine , with long-distance
    comfort , and also thrilling performance for ride-outs ?

    "You just done bought the right thing "

    Did I mention that it's also excellent as a daily driver ?
    ..... and it gets even better if the standard 15-tooth sprocket is replaced with a 14T .

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  9. Welcome and enjoy
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  10. Welcome and what a very fine choice to cut your teeth on, I just wish Ducati/Audi would give us something similar today. They are a flawed gem but deceptively easy to ride on the right road and for the whole day. Just stock up on wellnuts and tyco relays and it should be a lasting relationship. I see you already have the later ST3 seat on there which is a good start.
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  11. Welcome. Boas curvas.
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  12. Welcome on board !
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  13. Can tell you
    Can tell you are all old... you're all obsessed with losing teeth.....
  14. See what I mean. You're all obsessed with teeth
  15. Welcome by the way, we're not all fanatical amateur dentists, some of us are quite normal, now where's my pliers...
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