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Air Source Heat Pumps

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by hyperdildo, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Any air source experts on here in Ducati world as I’m toying with the idea of converting my home from heating oil of which I spend 8 to 10 thousand a year on heating and domestic hot water duties.
    I’ve read lots of horror stories about air source heat pumps and that they generally are shite in anything other than a new build property.
    My home is 183 years old with 3 ft thick solid walls so no cavity.
    The down stairs is underfloor heating and the upper 2 levels have radiators. the demand for hot water is met by a 210 litre pressurised cylinder.
    Now domestic is set at 60 degrees which Is standard to fight off legionaries disease but from what I’ve read air source heat pumps cannot supply this demand very well so uses an immersion booster element.
    Is it worth me converting or will I be totally disappointed and end up spending as much on electricity as I did heating fuel.
    mitsubishi ecodan seems to be the best system from what I’ve read.
    Cheers maybe @AirCon can
    Shed some light ?
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  2. I can’t help with any answers, but I’m very interested too if anyone can advise?
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  3. I have just moved out of a 320 yr old property in Sweden with this set up.
    It had an immersion heater to boost in the worst parts of the winter as you mention, but in general coped very well
    with the demand. Cost to run whole house was about 3 grand a year for 170m2, with summer baseline of around 130/month.

    In comparison, my previous Swedish house was a 7 yr old enviro/green build with ground heat pump and underfloor heating.
    That was around £2300 per year for 140m2 with summer baseline of 90/month. This also had a switchable booster for the very cold days.

    Would also say that elec was approx 25% more expensive/unit than uk, after all the taxes and hidden charges.

    Oh and mine was the ecodan too.
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  4. Do you live in a fucking castle with no roof!
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  5. What size oil tank do you have hyper?
  6. Seriously, £750 a month!?!??!
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  7. Underfloor heating, perfect for Air Sourced Heat Pump.
    Max temperature is 64°C for R410A and slightly higher for R32.
    Run two systems one for hot water and one for underfloor heating (32°C).
    Hot water should be set to tap temperature (say 48°C), with a direct electric heating boost to 70°C for 30 minutes every week.... you don't need to hold it that high.
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  8. We are £358 a month on Gas/electric here!
    12,000 kW electric
    65,000 kW Gas (2017 to 2019 Vitodens system condenser boilers, x 3; primary, secondary and a back up)
    Partial air to air Fujitsu heatpumps/ac, mainly set to cooling except my office
    3300 square foot property, partially on three floors.
    Very poor wall insulation due to age of the house, circa 1700.
    No cavity, walls vary from 18" to 45" thick.
    Home office, wife at home all the time.... thinks we live in the Bahamas:mad:. .. kitchen is typically 23°C, lounge 21°C
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  9. Seriously?!??!!


    I'm £90.a month and I work from home so use heating and electric more than most.

    I'm completely blown away by this!
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  10. No gas boilers to be installed in new builds from 2025 so more eco friendly alternatives will have to be the norm. Andy
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  11. Yes, please cc me as well.
  12. Yes, and me too please. I have an ageing ridiculously over egged gas boiler that can deliver a mains fed hot shower at 2 bar/18litres/min that is about to expire and I need a cost effective replacement. Andy
  13. Always knew there was royalty in @hyperdildo you can tell by his lack of fucks givin !!! You have to be minted to get away with such an attitude :p
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  14. I’m on a Rayburn so home heating oil, I’m seething if I spend £1500 a year on oil - 8-10k would have me moving!
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  15. Oil fired central heating and hot water for me too with 2 adults in a small detached house. Been here since 2016 and the highest cost year was under £1200.
  16. Interesting that this discussion has started! I've also started contemplating getting an air source heat pump. I live in a 20 year old detached house, double glazed with cavity wall insulation. It currently has an ordinary (non-condensing) gas boiler with hot water tank in airing cupboard, and radiators.

    From what I've read, air source heat pumps work better with underfloor or hot air heating than radiators and are unlikely to get the house warm enough on their own in winter. I'm not prepared to live in a cold house or turn the thermostat down hence thinking about airsource heat pumps as a way of "greening" our heating. We had air conditioning units installed in 2 rooms (main bedroom & husband's home office) which we sometimes run to heat those rooms, but that leaves the rest of the house (living room, bathrooms etc).

    I have read about hybrid systems which also include a gas boiler - would that be the answer (combined with bigger radiators), or would that be the worst of all worlds (still burning gas/paying gas bills so not as green as air source heat pump with renewable electricity tariff, but more expensive to install?

    If @AirCon could cc his pm to me that would be very much appreciated.
  17. 2 x 2000 litre tanks
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  18. Oils bloody expensive especially with 3 women in the house turning the heating on then leaving every fucking door and window open cos they are hot
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  19. Easily, more in winter obviously but through summer the underfloor heating always maintains temp and the hot water is done with oil
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  20. You are very fortunate to have such low heating costs. Is your house made of kingspan and celotex or it must be well insulated.
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