1199 Akra Noise Levels

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  1. just FYI

    a FB-friends joined us at SPA yesterday with his full system and DB-killed AKRA.
    Although the organisers are not known to be noise-fascist, he was taken off the track almost immediatly and black flagged after measurement at 107db

    Being pritty new to SPA, i can't imagine he was revving the t.ts of it..
    he must be one of the very first AKRA s to run the track...
    sounds worrying. Also for the SL owners

    No other Pani in any exhaust (stock/evo/pro/sbk) combo ran into trouble there...

    thought you should know..
  2. Cant see it being a problem as not one SL owner will track it :upyeah:
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  3. and those who do will add the SBK pipe :)
  4. upload_2014-5-1_17-57-15.png

    SL on track already at Knockhill.
    Martin from Ducati Glasgow
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  5. any feedback ?
  6. Yes, the rider was heard to say:

    "It's shit, I wish I'd bought an R1."

  7. I haven't spoken to him since and I wasn't there on the night so sorry no feedback. If Martin pops on to the forum I'm sure he will be only to happy to offer comparison against the R
  8. Times must be hard at Ducati Dealerships. He can't even afford paint for his carbon fairing'd SL
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  9. can't wait ... should be quit something... :)
  10. Feedback:-
    One word - unbelievable!!!

    If I was being honest I had a tiny bit of scepticism as to how much better it would be than the R (especially considering the price) but thankfully I have no concerns as the bike has completely blown me away. It's worth every penny and much more!

    In my years i've ridden some super exotic and super quick bikes and this one beats them all! (and yes i am totally and unashamedly biased, don't care what anyone says!!:Woot:)

    The first thing that strikes you is the weight - or more specifically the complete and utter lack of it! And mine is a fair old chunk lighter after I removed headlights, mirrors, road legal pipes, horn etc but it's still work in progress. (shame about the bit of spare I carry about the middle of my person!!)

    Agility - the R was super agile and stable (after a little bit of setting up) but the SL takes both those factors to another level and I was riding it on bog stock settings!! In fact I was utterly delighted when I did a pb round Knockhill without really trying and in traffic!! :upyeah: Change of direction was immediate, stable and effortless.

    Braking - In my opinion, the Panigale brakes are by far the best "out the box" set up on any production bike available and although the SL uses the same caliper and disk arrangement, the lack of weight makes it feel like it pulls up far stronger. The incredible feel from the front allowed me to trail the front deep into the turn, normally I typically reserve this kind of antics until i've got to know a bike a little better but I could instantly feel contact with the front tyre and this allowed me to push in.

    Electronics - I love the fact that it's possible to not only change the riding modes on the move (obviously existing tech for us now) but also you can program the up and down button on the left switchgear to adjust DTC, EBC or the new wheelie control (DWC) on the move. In the high levels (6,7,8) the DWC can be a little intrusive and hold the power off when you want it delivered in the lower gears but i'm sure some riders will seriously appreciate that. In the lower levels (1-3) it's amazingly effective although i'm still playing with it to find the best setting. I quite like the odd wheelie here and there (on closed roads of course officer) so I was intrigued how good it was going to be. Of course when you are trying to put in a lap, you don't really want the dash hitting you in the face every time you open the throttle but first impressions are it will be a welcome aid especially considering the unbelievable power available!!!

    Suspension - I ran the bike in on three days on the road and I can confirm the suspenders are pretty bloody stiff. Superb on flat roads but OMG on the bumpy (usual) stuff I felt like I had been given a seriously good seeing to up Bourneville Boulevard:Arghh::Arghh:!! If I was going to use it as a road bike I would consider backing off the preload for our crap roads, however for the track it was nearly perfect for me. I'm 6'1 and about 15 stone ish (ahem!)
    I had changed to an 80kg spring on the back of the R from the stock 90 and the SL comes with an 85 so i'll probably stick with it for a while and see if I can dial it in to suit me. It's certainly not far away which is great news.

    Engine - Power, power, power, power - Holy f*$£ - the power - smooth, torquey and creamy and as easy to ride as an 899 lower down the revs in all the modes. In Race when revved up to the max it is intensely brutal and crazy-horse savage; faster than anything i've ever ridden by a substantial margin. A HUGE step up from the R, it's fabulously mental but still easily controllable, predictable and exactly what I was hoping for. You have to be prepared for the top end as it steams towards the limiter almost too quick for the rev counter to keep up, although Knockhill is just too small to let it off the leash properly I still had power wheelies off the throttle in 5th!!:upyeah::upyeah:

    What's next? Decide on a paint job, probably buy some (more) carbon add ons, footpegs and stuff. Dial in the suspension to suit me a bit better. WSBK pipe is calling my name as is a carbon tank (I feel it is my duty) and then i'll see how I feel and how much further I can extend the mortgage!!!

    So anyone awaiting arrival - it won't be long now but when it comes, I absolutely guarantee you are going to be over the fecking moon!

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  11. Oh yeah - I should have added

    Noise from the open Akra - always difficult to tell when you're riding it but from all accounts of the spectators there it's one angry sounding bastard and seriously loud although I haven't measured it as yet!!
  12. exactly what i thought it would do... Adding that superbike pipe will put it so close to EVO stuff... bring on the 16 and 17 front sprockets and longer chains.. .. with lungs like those, that beast has to run ! :)
  13. 6"1 and 15st, half right. ;)
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  14. Some please put some more pictures up.
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  15. Martin - I am very grateful for the feed back! Mine arrives in the UAE next week only to be shipped to MotoRapido for "conversion"......... evil grin!

    You made my shitty day, sunny. Thank you!
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