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For Sale Akrapovic 45/60mm Titanium/carbon For All 748/916/955/996/998

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Paolone, May 17, 2020.

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  1. Hello ladies and gentleman, I would sell 1 of a complete exhaust for all your bikes. (I give you manifold for 748/916/955/996 series and 998 series to fit on your bike). The Santo Graal exhaust. In internet there aren't others item like this. I think the price would be around 2800/3000 €, but I wish sell them for 2200€ (you can do a sensible offers).












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  2. Don’t often come up for sale and in such good condition! GLWS
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  3. hi there, what diameter is this? Sorry for the basic questions as I have an '02 998 bip, and just wondering what chip I would need to buy to use the full system. Thanks
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  4. Sorry I’m a muppet for not reading the thread properly. So 45 into 60, assume this won’t just be a case of plug and play for my bike.
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  5. Yeah it should fit a 998 mate
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  6. Santo Graal- Holy Grail?
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  7. Yes 45 manifold progressive until 60mm on body then output 52mm they have a really impressive increase of power... I have done some test with dyno, termignoni full52 titanium vs this Akrapovic. .. They are really impressive, better then terms about 5hp with same setup.

    This setup come in your home with manifold for 998 and 996r, so it fit on your bike man

    For cdi unit i wish tell you to contact directly akrapovic, or maybe I suggest you for cdi unit from 54 termignoni for your 998 or better the power commander 3 directly
    #7 Paolone, May 18, 2020
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  8. Glory H..e
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  9. still available again!!! cmon guys... hurry up... you didn't found this exhaust in this mint conditions and at this price!!!
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  10. very tempting for my 996 sps.
  11. What benefit would a 45/60mm give?
  12. yes do you need it!
  13. 5 hp more then termignoni, ,45mm manifold dont lost too much power at low rpm.
    The curve in Dyno of this exhaust it's really impressive linear and powerfull
  14. What is the size of a std 998, is it 50mm?
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  15. 45 straight through
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  16. except the manifolds dont fit..
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