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Aldi Hand Held Compressor

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Wassy, Sep 28, 2019.

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  1. What a cracking bit of kit. I'll be having one of them. :) :upyeah: I get sick of turning the full size compressor on and running airlines around the garage.
  2. That’s my reason for buying one. I bought mine online but they are in store as well apparently :upyeah:
  3. Done. :yum
    Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 21.45.07.png
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  4. Me too. Have 2 slow punctures/knackered valves so this will get lots of use.
  5. Looks a good buy that especially with battery included.

    Ryobi do a similar one available from Halfords from their One range. Worth a look if you have their kit and forum discount.
  6. What’s wrong with a footpump? Waste of money and resources! (puts tin hat on...)
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  7. True. But you can never have enough power tools
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  8. My new neighbour (taxi driver) has borrowed about 3 tools now since moving in a few months ago. He said it must have cost "millions" to kit the garage out (not quite) :innocent: But I told him that I just buy a tool when I need it for a job or if I see a good deal (like this). Before you know it, it kind of just accumulates.

    Oh and he has given them back straight away in the condition he got them, or this could become a fractious relationship very quickly. :D
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  9. Had 2 foot pumps; both now in the bin. Have 2 cycle ‘track pumps’ but they’re a pain to pump up a rear m/cycle tyre every few days, (#5)
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  10. Arrived today. What a cracking bit of kit for <£30. :)

    Cheers @Wassy :upyeah:

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  11. Looks just as good as my Oasser one which was twice the price!
  12. Oooo ooo, mines turning up Saturday. Will then wonder around the house looking for things to pump:eek:
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  13. Ordered, thanks @Wassy. Ideal for topping up. I have a 12v compressor in the car and also an Aldi Workzone one but both need plugging in and either the bike moving towards the house or the car depending on which I use plus the faff of plugging in extension leads. Would be great if this has enough omph to seat tyres on the rim but not really expecting it to be capable of that. The Aldi mains one does a good job at that.
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  14. Cheers for the heads up. Got one ordered
  15. Nice one. Just ordered. Thanks.
  16. I bought one few days ago in store. Great bit of kit. Cheers for heads up :upyeah:
    Gauge seems very accurate versus my old but reliable pencil gauge too.
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  17. Mine arrived today
  18. Went to the store, but the last one was just an empty box. So I've ordered one online.
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