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Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Lord Farquaad, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Just a quick note to say I’ve had my 1200DVT deep cleaned and ACF50’d again this year by All year Biker, specifically Steve in Warrington. If you use your bike in the wet or over winter, I can’t recommend it enough. £70 for 3 hours of deep clean then application of ACF50 by air compressor. Bargain. Note, I have no affiliation to the company, nor do I gain anything from promoting them. I’m simply a customer who’s very happy. I genuinely think the bike looks better than when it left the showroom.




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  2. Hi mate
    Have you got his number? I’m in Warrington and desperate to get my GS done so I can use it in the shit weather
  3. Had mine done by Gab, the All Year Biker guy in Hereford, early last week. Rained on the way home and with the roads covered in mud by farmer Giles the clean doesn't really show now which was a shame. Will give it a light going over later this week if I find the time.

    Well worth doing IMHO, had my MV done by him previously and that looked great after 18,000 miles and 2 and a half years. I tend not to ride all winter but don't worry about riding in the rain plus rarely have the time to clean the bike after every ride.
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  4. Thanks your lordship
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  5. :upyeah: I really rate this cleaning/protection method and definitely wouldn't be without it.
    I've used AYB (Marlborough) on each of the three Mutli's I've owned and wouldn't hesitate, it genuinely is money well spent as I see it.
    Remember, the Italians use soft-cheese for pretty much all their 'quality' (????) metal-work, especially the fixings, which also suffers dreadfully in any exposure to rain, muck or salt, in terms of dis-colouration/deterioration.
    Using ACF 50 - AYB methodology/products, greatly enhances the physical appearance and durability of the metalwork, but regrettably won't make any difference to the cheese effect!

    It works for me and I also gain no material benefit for advocating this approach, other than the obvious increased longevity of the bike condition and potentially higher resale value.
    You pays yer money, you makes yer choice......:cool:

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  6. I've used them for the last couple of years. Agree with all the comments. Well worth the money, especially if you ride all year.
  7. Question, are the guys "mobile" do they come to you or do you need to take the bike to them? Only reason I ask is the bike is SORN now till spring so handy if they could pitch up. I see there's a franchise in Glasgow, has anyone in Scotland used them or offer their view? Thanks in advance.
  8. Depends on the franchisee I think. Some will, some won't. Will cost more unless you can get a bunch of mates to come and do a group deal at yours. Only way that you'll find out is to call your local franchise.
  9. Steve comes to me, my mate in the West Midlands has also booked a home visit.
  10. I don't think we have any place like this in the States unfortunately.
  11. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Set it up and franchise it. If it doesn’t exist over there, it’s got great potential.
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  12. That is super clean !!!