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  1. At one point this year i had all Four on the road.
    The 1098 wont start and i have it stripped
    I decided to finish putting this back together and have ridden it for a number of miles
    it started life as a 748 sps all the parts i took off are stored Road fairing lights etc
    the engine went bang a belt shredded
    So in a rush I got hold of a 916 sp motor 1200 miles on it with P8 ecu annd throttles
    Hardly did any miles and it dropped a valve
    At this point went f**ck it and bought the 1098.
    spent a lot of money repairing the head fitting it with forged valves then just left it.
    When i finaĺy took 748 to pieces found that althoygh the belt was shredded there was no other damage
    My aim now is, even though the wife said i cant have any more bikes, to sneak the parts in and build this 916sp in its own right
    i just love riding this bike

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  2. Good on yer!.......We wont tell her.
  3. A vintage styled bin too!
  4. Sounds like a real cool project! Bikes looks great.
    Btw, I think I find the blank number plate graphic on the front fairing to look better when there is such "race-like" small & discrete headlight, or just no light at all. Well done!
  5. I like the winky headlight. Could you post a "how to"?
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  6. I had a wonky headlight on my 916SPS Bitsa. (Why on earth didi I sell it??)

    Get a race Fairing.
    Remove original Fairing.
    Get a laser height marker from B&Q.
    Shine at headlight centreline and locate/clamp the tool so it marks the centre with a laser dot.
    Do not move bike!
    Put race Fairing on.
    Make a mark on race Fairing where laser locates centre of light.
    Remove Fairing.
    Scribe/draw a circle of same diameter as projector light.
    Cut out hole in fairing- I drilled a hole and then used my trusty DIY jigsaw.
    Sand and smooth the aperture.

    Sorry for hijack.

    4B6615F8-F19F-4D6C-87E8-483A536A1956.jpeg 9A447972-97E5-495F-805D-38009AE9D614.jpeg
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  7. the light is a 31/2" lught from MandP. i removed the light unit from the bike. i got a Jubikee clip and welded a small pice of metal to it and drilled and tapped it. the light fits in the right side of the headlught unit I made sonee wedges to fit in it to get the angle right. its fitted with a dipping HID bulb.
    Cutting the hole in the fairing was a time consuming job and was still more luck than judgement
    i also got a piece of drain pipe put it in the hole drew round it to make a shield finally glued perspex in front of the lught
    all the Hid gubbins is in the left hand side of the shell behind the fairing
    That little HID light is 10x better than the stansard candles
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  8. That picture of the black 916 has given me the horn, cracking bike.
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  9. Make a cracking track bike that black one.
  10. That’s where it went - sold to a chap who wanted to race it. :)
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  11. I use one of those same bin's for my recycling, lovely.