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Another Yank Signs On...

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by John Ralston, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Hello gentlemen and gentlewomen,
    Long time Ducati owner finally joining after lurking about on many Ducati sites. I'm currently located on the Virginia coast, been riding bikes since 1978 (started with a '78 Suzuki GS750 and went from there). In my "golden years", I finally scratched my Ducati 916 itch, an object of puerile lust, and for the last 6 years have been enjoying the crap out of it. In addition to honing about on the 916, I also do some touring on my BMW 1150 RS. I also enjoy restoring, resto modding and building custom old cafes, completed many, and currently keep my favorites, a 1971 Ducati 350 Café and a restomodded 1965 Honda SuperHawk. The Ducati has a fully built engine with 10.5 Borgo piston, big valves with custom flowed heads, race cam and connecting rod. The SuperHawk has a "big" bore kit (still just 350cc!), and a Nova Racing 5 speed transmission (what a sweet transmission!). Did all the work myself from the mechanicals to the powder coating and paint, so in other words, they took a really long time!
    My 916,
    IMG_0914.JPG duc2.JPG supa2.JPG affectionately referred to as "El Squalo Rosso", has had some love during my ownership, including lots of carbon, including airbox, fender and intakes. It's got the nicer Machesini wheels, Ohlins rear shock and Arrow slip-ons and chip. I've also installed a Pipercross intake filter.
    The wildest thing about this bike is that it's original owner was non other than Mike Tyson, the boxer. I have a color copy of the original title signed by him, owner listed as Tyson Enterprises. The other wild thing is he painted the bike flat white! It has been returned to it's original red...
    Anyway, glad to be a member!

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  2. welcome jack, its -4.5degrees outside & everyones in bed!
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  3. Nice one Jack, welcome.
  4. Welcome, Jack.

    Great intro!
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  5. If Iron Mike wanted to paint his bike flat white I'm pretty sure everyone around him at the time said 'yeah Mike, great idea Mike, you the best champ '......and let's be honest, who could blame them o_O

    Great boxer, great intro..welcome American chap :punch::upyeah:
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  6. Welcome Dave. Whereabouts in VA are you?
  7. Welcome aboard Jack,three cracking looking machines you've there sir.:upyeah:
  8. Welcome and enjoy. Great introduction, great looking bikes!
  9. Mad that was Tyson's, lovely bike mate.
  10. Plenty of members from across the pond and those who love to tinker on projects, welcome chap
  11. Welcome along !
  12. Welcome - you'll fit in well

    Like the bikes too - that Superhawk (?) is a beaut !
  13. you truly wafted in from paradise........ love your passion with bikes........ welcome bud.
  14. Hi and welcome,
    I love the look of that Ducati 350 :upyeah:
  15. Nice trio
    Are you hiding your trash cans from us we like them :)

    Welcome into our mad house
  16. Welcome and good luck with the job hunting (see title).
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  17. Welcome along
  18. Welcome along Jack ,nice pictures
  19. Welcome American dude :cool::upyeah:
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  20. Thanks!
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