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Any Interest Himalayan Motorcycle Tour?

Discussion in 'Touring' started by AirCon, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. 10 days on a Royal Enfield....
    Maximum 10 riders, already have 4...
    Just trying to gauge interest?
    Best time of year etc.
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  2. With a tour group, or organising it yourself?
    Whereabouts in the Himalayas are you thinking of riding- it's a big place.
    Generally speaking, if you want to go high into the Himalayas, the timing is critical as many of the high passes are cut off because of snow.
    I believe June, July and August are the best times to enable getting high.
    @keninsussex has done a few hard core trips with organised tour groups.
  3. Hi John,

    A guy (property landlords, Son in law) my brother knows already does lots of tours there, as thats where he is from.
    He already arranges lots of other tours, this would be his first on Motorcycles.
    This would be solo riders on an intermediate grouping. 10 day trip, with some riding every day. More to follow.
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  4. Look's like Ken is still out there as been AWOL for 4 years & 23 weeks.;)
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  5. Check out Daniel Hayes ( Million Dollar Bogan ) attempt a ride from Delhi to Mount Everest on a Harley.

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  6. Paul I have only ridden in the 'Low Himalayas' maximum 6000' above sea level, Emphysema prevents me doing what I would really like to do, riding up into the high passes .
    If you listen to your brothers friend I'm sure he would guide you with the many things that you need to know.
    It's no picnic riding in India, and it's dangerous. I find it hard work just getting to India, recovering from Jet Lag and getting my body in sync takes me 3 days min.
    I think @Dave has ridden a Royal Enfield Himalyan in Nepal recently.
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  7. Tell more when you know, sounds interesting and I’ve a milestone birthday towards the end of this year.
  8. I think @Dave has done this trip
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  9. Everybody is Dave :bucktooth::D
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  10. So am I wrong Dave? ;)
  11. Perhaps partially, but not completely :thinkingface:
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