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Anybody Tried One Of These Mivv?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Danny Duc, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. I would be careful with that supplier. I ordered some cans from him a couple of years ago, never turned up. I got the money back but it took a while
  2. Thanks for the heads up mate

    But he has over 35.000 Feedback at 100% Positive now?

    So maybe he's upped his game ;)
  3. He had 100%positive when i ordered from him but maybe he has upped his game
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  4. MIVV are cheap for a reason, they are not the best quality but if you are prepared to accept that, if buying from eBay, I'd pick a UK supplier, not an aftermarket middle man in Italy. Very disappointed with eBay as car and motorcycle spares don't qualify for the money back guarantee so the promise should not appear in that listing. Andy
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  5. Surely you still have consumer rights though?

    And pretty much EVERYTHING is a 14 day money back no questions asked (if you pay the postage) in my experience?
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  6. Please read their terms and conditions carefully. Much of what is offered by eBay doesn't apply to vehicles and vehicle parts. If the purchase goes tits up and the retailer proves reluctant you could open a dispute but in my experience if I need to buy something through eBay, I only use UK retailers. Andy
  7. I bought a Mivv full system for my old Hyper 1100, i was bery pleased with the quality.

    It was on the bike for several years with no problems, still looked great after much use and little cleaning.

  8. Thanks for the advise Andy ;)

    But I just had a quick read through the whole eBay T+Cs regarding returns, and as long as they are a "Business Seller" then you have 14 days to start a return, even if you simply change your mind, and the seller does advertise a 60 return policy for this item too.

    Can't quite work out how he manages to sell it for £193 though? when the Mivv site wants 240 Euro plus VAT! (hence my only reason for using eBay to buy it)

    Not ideal ordering from Italy I agree, but I have done it before with GPR cans for my 1000SS a few Years ago without any hassle, and as long as it's a genuine Mivv can, then I can't really see what can go too far wrong :)

    Of course it might cost me £20 to send it back lol, but hopefully it wont come to that

    In that absolute worst case, I will sell it on for £150 on Gumtree and out it down to experience haha
  9. Cheers Steve :)
  10. Hi Danny, I get that we're all looking for a deal but why would you want to belittle a Ducati with something of apparent low quality?
    Cheap and Ducati (Ferrari) don't mix. Get a good one. Problem solved.

    "When you spent too much, you only stand to loose the excess.
    When you spent too little, it will wind-up costing you more as what you originally bought didn't do the job and requires more cash to replace it with something that will."

  11. Ok as long as genuine - becomes an issue on occasions trying to get money back if fake as illegal to ship fake goods but post or courier ( eBay rules can’t return ) to get your money back especially on vehicle parts - sure you won’t have a problem and actually got money back and didn’t return the items eventually, just adding to @Android853sp comments
  12. I had a set of Mivv Suonos on my Ape 08 factory, 37 thou miles and faultless, didn't even need repacked. Cost me 660 notes for both of them. No complaints but also no idea what their products are like now.
  13. Not sure why there’s a downer on Mivv, ran one on my Speed Triple for years without a problem. And they were as good quality as anything I’ve seen.
  14. Ducati? Quality?

    Expensive, yes. Sexy, yes. Quality, I don't think so.
  15. When I wrote: "..why would you want to belittle a Ducati with something of apparent low quality?
    I was referring to the low quality Chinese parts which may or not be knock-offs. It was not about Ducati.

    In response to your comment, I would not have bought a Ducati if I didn't think it was a quality product as a whole.
    All European products have come a long way to match Japanese quality control. They're not there yet but coming along.
    They do offer however somethings the Japanese don't offer: class and exclusivity.
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  16. Well as a quick update to this thread

    The end can didn't arrive and I had to ask eBay to jump in a get me a refund, it was August however, I know the Italians ALL go on holiday in August so there are expected delays, but I can't suggest anyone using this seller now (as "Shakeys Dad") first pointed out that he also never got his exhaust from this seller.

    There are a couple of other sellers at the same kind of price for the same can though, so I might get One in the new Year as I probably wont ride much over the Winter anyway ;)
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  17. Seems he does this regularly then, how come eBay let him carry on selling
  18. There was actually 4 cases with bad feedback during the same Month (August) not including mine, which eBay deleted?

    Maybe he is just a dick in August haha

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