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848 Anyone Fitted One Of These???

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by oldfart, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Purchased off a certain internet auction site, Ducati 848 /1098/1198 integrated rear light / indicator unit
    Looks as if there are 2 resistors included for indicators to replicate bulb resistance ?
    No instructions of course!!
    anyone any idea which wires go where??
    Wasn’t expensive so if it’s junk I’ll bin it or get a refund




  2. will watch thread with interest. for me it's not so much getting a refund but more the total dismantling of the bike needed before you can replace it, with the possibility of doing it twice if it proves unreliable. Someone told me of a particularly awkward replacement where they even had to remove the engine.

    EDIT resistor blocks need fitting in parallel with the indicators, as per post below. :upyeah:
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  3. Resistors are fitted in parallel not series.
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  4. It won’t legally pass an MOT with integrated indicators. They need to be 180mm apart.
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  5. Thanks for replies, got 12v battery and tried connecting a few wires , assuming the Black wire is earth?
    White to + bottom red led's light up, Red to + same led's light up, don't appear any brighter though? Try one of remaining wires to + nothing happens??
    Emailed seller for instructions,( how goods anyone's Chinese??????)
    Yeah did wonder about MOT legallity.
    Doesn't actually look too bad quality, shame it won't work???:joy:
  6. Thanks, on reflection i've decided its not worth the hassle of trying to fit the light unit as it wouldn't pass an MOT if i did get it working.
    ( Note to self :- Do not buy junk late at night wearing beer goggles :eek: off FleaBay from China and expect it work/be legal!)
  7. ****UPDATE****
    It appears i was being a plonker by testing it on an old car battery that has been off charge for a while in the garage, it was only putting out 9volts!!!
    Tried it on a fully charged 12v battery and it does work, well all the LED's light up, the black wire is earth, red /white do the lights and brake lights (led's light red) the yellow or blue left /right indicators (led's light Yellow) obviously if fitted to the bike the resistors would have to be used control the rate of flashing.
    If anyone's interested i'll put up some pictures of it lit up ?? It could be for sale also ???
  8. i have one similar that my bike came with fitted when i purchased it,(Evo corse se), its smoked so goes quite well with the black and silver paint job, never had a problem with it going through an MOT, in my experience as long as the indicators work the MOT guys don't get out a measuring tape. But obviously that is only my experience with my local MOT station and not law
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