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Anyone Has A Friend In Ducati Headquarters ???

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Aris, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi there all.

    New to the forum so forgive me if the post is misplaced. I have put down a deposit for a 2016 Monster 1200S in the UK and planning to load it to a truck and send it to Greece this weekend. The bike has less than 5k miles and looks very clean.

    The previous owner traded it in but didn't pass any of the the original books or service history to the dealer and I have no contact details or way of communicating with him. I run 2 online Vehicle checks (Experian & instantcarcheck) and both came out clean and I also had the bike inspected by a mechanic in my employ who found it in to be in excellent shape.

    Not being familiar with the UK system I was wondering:

    1. Is there a national service database and could I reach out to Ducati and retrieve any service history? Assuming it was performed at an authorised service centre.

    2. If not is there a way I can identify the dealer that first sold the bike and reach out to them for any records?

    3. Any help or suggestions in terms of things to check or places to look for service history?
  2. Any dealer should be able to search the database :):upyeah:
  3. Tank you

    I actually just called around different dealers and ended up figuring out who first sold and serviced it.

    It is now loaded in a truck and heading my way.
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