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Anyone Solved The Throttle Response At 3k Revs?

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by SClondon, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone I’m loving my diavel 1260s but not liking the jerkiness as you roll off the throttle around 3-4K revs in touting or sport mode. Does a termi exhaust or engine remap or software update help this? Any ways to solve this?
  2. remap will cure all your ill's but take it to a ducati specialist i would personally say....
  3. Mine came fitted with Termi and DP map, can't say I've noticed the jerkiness you are talking about, hence I guess the Termi and DP map resolves the issue.
  4. I've driven a bike with Termis (briefly) and mine which doesn't have them - I can't remember the Sport or Touring mode on the bike with Termis but it makes sense that a richer map would smooth out the bottom end - my bike is a bit snatchy in Touring and a lot snatchy in Sport but I wouldn't say in a bad way? Would say its quite nice how defined the profiles are!

    But it stands to reason they leaned the bike out massively to get it through EU Regs and the non-road legal race pipes with map are the only way to get it to how it should have been!
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