Anyone Thinking Of Getting Out Of An 848 Soonish?

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by RC1, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Thought id landed a real peach but was fed a bit of bs so back on the hunt... has to be low miles, standard bits included and all that stuff and around 5k

    not bothered about year either

    im not desperate so happy to wait
  2. thought you'd say 999 creamo
  3. You are beyond being educated i'm afraid.........
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  4. its been said before
  5. you being the track wizard you are would you recommend the california superbike school for newbies before getting some serious track miles done?
  6. I'm really not, only done about 15 days, I'm still a (very keen/hooked) newbie.

    However, I'm happy with the progress I've made by just riding, reading, watching YouTube and buying a bike I don't mind crashing. Never done any training.

    Someone like @Jolley would be best to ask.

    This is a good site in my opinion.
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  7. If you can make Donnington, consider the Haslam school. Andy
  8. hello.
  9. Hello. We're you not muttering about selling a 848 so you could upgrade to a 999?
  10. nah. i never mutter.. :)
    i have toyed with the idea, but have decided to keep it. and deffo not for 5k
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  11. @AirCon has one for sale dont he?
  12. i thought the haslem school was pretty good. learned a lil.
    cant say i learned loads but it was a good fun first experience on track and worth doing i think.
  13. Low miles bike, with decent kit, mint, for low end price. You love a challenge matey, don’t you ;)

    CSS are great if you have the cash and time. You need to practice tho, somriding often (even on the road) is needed to make sure you embed the learning
  14. is it a better training Andy or is it more about the track
  15. i know its a tall ask but i will get there in the end
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  16. and it would need about 300 spending to get it back to original... those brake levers are aftermarket right?
  17. Are you building a mint road bike or buying one for track?
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  18. I’ve done neither although my girlfriend did and enjoyed the first level with Ron Haslam. Some people speak well of CSS but having seen their instructors at the Silverstone Ducati days over the last 4 years, I’ve not seen any evidence of them being as good as or better than some good track day fast group riders. Talk to @cookster about his experience last year :joy: Andy
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