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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Chris, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Just posting to give the above a glowing recommendation when it comes to customer care and my recent experience during the last 8 months. I'd bought a Hotpoint dishwasher and had not researched that heavily apart from the customer reviews, which made it look as though it was a machine worth buying. Unfortunately it turned out to be a "lemon" and after two visits to try and rectify the constant problems I decided enough was enough today and decided it was time for a replacement machine or even a refund if possible (about 8 months old).
    Well I don't know if there has been a change in consumer rights but it was like leaning against an open door, I got Incredible service from AO, problem over and they couldn't have been more helpful (full refund).
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  2. Good to know Chris :upyeah:
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  3. I've had similar responses from costco with electrical stuff that's failed, they refund or replace without question. Great to know other companies value their customers happiness.
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  4. We had good service from AO in the past when we ordered a new integrated fridge freezer at our last house :)
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  5. I've used AO a couple of times. Never had to get their help because nothing has gone wrong but they do deliver darned quick! Good to know that you got good service!
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  6. Great to hear, it really makes you feel like shouting out when you get good service doesn’t it?

    I thought my 23-year-old Ariston Combi had finally packed up over the winter. Prepared for the worst, I used a recommendation on my local nextdoor app. Local gas safe guy turns up next day, services the boiler, replaces the isolator valve and the timer, puts a new TRV on two rads £140 all in. Couldn’t believe the service or the price. When you look at his online recommendations, literally everyone says the same thing. Made me very happy that did!
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  7. That amazes me for two reasons - but good that you got your problem sorted out.

    Round here, (based on my experience) it would be, "phssssst. ain't seen one of those in yeeeeaaars!" and "can't get the parts, y'know!"

    Then it would be, "if you pay cash, I can save you YER vat!". As in, it is not not the government's VAT but yours, for it is your choice whether you pay it to the government.
  8. I can’t give them such a glowing review I’m afraid. I’ll leave it at that. I left a review in their website, only took them 11 weeks to reply to it.
  9. Sorry to hear Vader, I know there must be other experiences that could cancel mine out, I hope they have improved since then.
  10. Out of interest what was the problem with it?
  11. I can p.m. you if you maybe have a similar model and think it might help but prefer not to answer on this thread in detail if that's ok. Main issues:- water wouldn't heat up, detergent door wouldn't open, cycle ending after 5 minutes.
  12. I once used them when my tenants told me the washing machine had broken one Sunday evening, ordered a new machine at 10 that night and it was delivered and installed at 9am the next day. Very happy to continue using them
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