Aragon 3-5 May

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  1. Just booked this with No Limits. Anyone else fancy it?
  2. ooooh i think you'll find there will be a group of around 20 mostly ducatis landing on this too ...:upyeah:
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  3. I might be up for this once I've got my hands on a sport bike
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  4. Aragon is an amazing circuit, one of the best in Europe I reckon?!
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  5. I'll be there
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  6. ;) sorted for you..
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  7. What else would you expect from Notherners.

    Are you still on the same tank of fuel from Jerez 2015?
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  8. same fuel ...different tank!
  9. Just booked it. Middle group.
  10. Tempted to go with so many Ducati’s travelling, what is the nearest airport to the circuit?
  11. I'm flying into Barcelona.
  12. Brilliant news , I live 15 minutes from London Southend-on-Sea Airport and EasyJet fly to Barcelona.
  13. Yep Barcelona. Last time I did Aragon, we got the bus from the airport into Barcelona, spent the whole day sight seeing, sat on the beach, bus back to the airport, picked up the car and drove to the hotel. Worked out brilliantly!
  14. Good job we got on this quick as its now sold out ...... filled 26 places (I only had 20 on hold, but NL have looked after us) will be a good trip .... some old and new faces on this one and a riding coach ......
  15. Who's the riding coach and is he fully booked?
  16. Have sent you a PM.
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  17. I will be at Aragon with @shakeys dad , on an Aprilia. I am hoping this time I dont run out of petrol , or fall over in the gravel trap.
    Its a lovely circuit.