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For Sale Arai Ducati Helmet £500 Sold

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by james griffin, May 14, 2019.

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  1. Aup guy am selling my arai rx-7v ducati corse helmet (size small) i used it for the first time yesterday at donny in the first session to find its not for my liking it was on my head for 12 mins due to it being red flagged straight after the sighting laps so i used my shoei x spirit 3 for the rest of the day what i prefer. As you can see its basically brand new comes with everything you see. dark tinted visor medium tinted visor clear visor chin guard ducati helmet bag manual and box. Cost me close to £950 with the tinted visors am wanting £550. Can post not a problem or cash on collection. Any question p.m me









  2. One week ago and i'd have bitten your hand off :( Have literally just bought another helmet after deciding this one, which i really wanted, was too expensive for me. Grr
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  3. Smart lid. Sure to go sharpish, GLWS :):upyeah:
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  4. Where you based?
  5. Very Nice, good GLWS
  6. If my head was an S not a M I would have that.
  7. Doncaster south yorkshire
  8. Proper bargain
  9. So am I!!
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  10. You not fancy the helmet its on your door step lol ?
  11. I do but my swede's fatter than yours (large)... Just bought a new AGV Pista... Not as comfy as my RX7 GP but more stable at speed and less noisy. As I've only got it on 20-30 minutes at a time for track days, comfort isn't a big factor.

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  12. Thats cheap, someone is in for a proper bargain .....
  13. Ppl keep saying this....... maybe i priced it to cheap
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  14. Has it sold yet? Then no you haven't :)
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  15. Most people are working when the audience grows it will sell faster than a fat fast pie eater eating a pie
  16. Fingers crossed
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  17. It’s a genuine bargain it will sell
  18. I Hope so cos its such a shame for it just to sit in my cabinet as nice as it looks ad love to keep it but i want a lid i can use

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  19. I'm a small .
    But so is my bank account.
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  20. Where did you get the display cabinet mate?
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