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Are New Ducati’s Still Objects Of Desire

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Italianstallion, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. as the title suggests? Are the modern wave of Ducati’s now falling in to the class of mass produced bikes like the big four have always been?
    Soulless things that start stop and turn..
    Has the attention to detail been looked over now so that they are easier to produce on a manufacturing line?
    Not bashing the brand at all because I love Ducati’s but I went in to Ducati Aylesbury today and it just seemed they are nothing special these days whereas bikes like my 998 and the newer generation 848 to 1198 give me a hardon but the new ones just give me a semi and that’s mainly down to my favourite colour being red.
    I look at bikes like my f4 and 998 and think dang they are good looking bikes still to this day.
    I look at the modern crop and just think nothing really emotion wise.
    The only comparison I can use is that decent cars on the road have all been pushed aside now for mass produced shite suvs that ooze cheap faddy plastic.
    Maybe I’m just getting older but I expect a soul from things I drive or ride not just expensive shite plastic
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  2. In a word..No.

    Gone the same way as Alfa Romeo. That new Giulia could be a Jag/BM/Audi or some other rubbish. Where’s the brand distinction gone?
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  3. Agree with you apart from the Pani R was a work of art - the newer ones will never be desirable to me - the V4 looks like a Chinese copy of the V2 Pani.
    If you were born in the 60's like me you were born in the best of times and have been very lucky. The future is a nanny state utopia for Nancy's

    The end...
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  4. To answer the original question......No.
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  5. Yeah I spose. I think
    It has a huge following though, myself included because of the emotive ownership of past
    I really want
    To test the v4 to see what it’s all about and make my
    Mind up on it.
    Have to wait til my knee is better though
  6. The Chinese copy bit is spot on. Actually everything you said is spot on. Welcome to the nanny state where bikes will be outlawed and men will
    Have vaginas

  7. Aaaarrrgghhh my eyes :scream:
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  8. No.
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  9. Show a spotty young oik a 916 and he’ll tell you it looks old and dated; and the V4 looks amazing (although he’ll probably use different words innit).

    Ask an old codger what the best looking bike is and he’ll name some bicycle frame with an engine.

    Times change, design moves on. Most blokes (and gals (maybe)) do their best to never grow up.

    Rest assured Ducati’s are still beautiful:)
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  10. I do think the 1299SL is the best looking Ducati, the v4 is nice but as others have stated, it looks like a cheap copy. out of all the bikes currently on sale the Diaval carbon is the most desirable, imo.
    In terms of feeling special(as a Ducati should make you feel)The yellow 2009 fireblade i just got gets just as many looks as the white 1199 i had last year, and my MV Dragster got the most. Ducati's.... dare i say..... are quite common.:eyes:
    Except my Fila 749s, everyone loves to look at that.:p
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  11. This discussion of old vs. new. When the new Supersport came out last year there were endless debating between the owners of the original Supersport that this new generic marketing creation was nothing like the “real thing”. Truth is, nobody would buy it today. Probably the same with the 916. New times, new markets, new bikes.
    #11 SalkinSupersport, Sep 7, 2018
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  12. Nope, first time it's been like this - it's over dude o_O
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  13. Not disagreeing, just saying that they make bikes they think they can sell to a specific market, which may be a more mainstream one. In their minds, they probably cannot achieve the sales figures required by ultimate owners, if they target the traditional “hardcore” Ducatisti customer.
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  14. Used to
    Love hearing the 900ss clutch when I was a boy. Now
    It’s all gone quiet in the pursuit of perfection. Maybe it is
    Just age and nostalgia.
    Bit like that famous painting
  15. This painting lol.
    Old being dragged away by new

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  16. I like this. :)


    The bike's fookin hideous though. o_O
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  17. Nostalgia and soul for one may just be old shite for another, I guess.
  18. Looks well slutty :heart_eyes: what the Chinese bike she's modelling :thinkingface:
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  19. You will never get rid of first loves,(the new supersport is beautiful though) its been very little time between the 1199 to the V4, and the look change imo isn't justified, but i can appreciate they wanted to make it different due to the engine, and define the end of the V2.
  20. I concur. :bucktooth:

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