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Austrian Motogp 2020

Discussion in 'Touring' started by tyke65, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Mrs Tyke and i are off to the Austrian MotoGP next year on the bike, planning to get the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and make our way down through Germany to Nuremburg for an overnight stop and then onto Murau for 3 nights, this is our 'base' for the 3 days MotoGP which is about 45 minutes to the Red Bull ring.
    After that we are looking at going to Innsbruck via the Glossgnocker pass and the towards Grindelwald for a couple of nights and a bit of sightseeing etc then back up to Rotterdam for the ferry home.
    I'm looking for any advise...recommendations...best routes....things that are a must see and roads that must be travelled on.
    We've booked the overnight in Nuremburg and the 3 nights in Murau, other than that i'm open to to some suggestions please:)
  2. Edit - just finished reading your post!
  3. Schuh cafe on the Hoheweg Interlaken. The paddle steamer on lake Thun is something cool to see!

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