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  1. You fellas with omega and the like that have automatic mechanisms, what do you need to do it]f not wearing them for a while?

    I’m looking at a couple at the moment, and it’s likley one could be used very infrequently. So wondering how you maintain them.

    Ps I know I could google but it’s what I’d ask over a pint in the pub, so what I’m asking ;)
  2. They make rocker things that keep it moving. Or strap it to the dog.
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  3. My Seamaster Aqua Terra for special occasions only gets wound for wearing. When I asked the retailer about storage, the answer was ‘no special requirements’. Andy
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  4. I have a winding machine for my watches when not wearing them.
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  5. Get a watch winder if setting the time / date bothers you ... otherwise just wind it when you use it
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  6. Have you not seen Pulp Fiction?
  7. A lot of collectors use winding machines, which is fine for automatics. My favorite is my Panerai 8 day but it's a manual wind up. As said, put it away until you need it. Then wind it up, set the date, jobs a good un.

    I'll send mine for service after 5 years. My 1st Rolex (Seadweller, circa 1994) was a shite timekeeper when I first got it. I sent it back and it's been remarkably accurate up to this day ever since. And it's had some right old whacks along the way.
  8. Yeah, he's lucky it wasn't one of those new Sea dwellers :eek: With box and papers :laughing:
  9. Next they will be selling motorcycles that have to be ridden all year round or have battery problems, tut
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  10. I alternate between my Rolex and Omega, one is simply stored away while the other is in use.
    No need for fancy winding what nots.
  11. I’ve just got my Oris automatic back after 18 yrs. I’d sold it when I was skint. The new owner never used it and he died last year. I got first dibs on it. Wound it up and away it went. It’s never had a service.
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  12. The wife?
  13. I did. I’m not asking about what to wear while being bummed...although buying an expensive watch is pretty similar experience
  14. Looking at a couple of old watches. 1969 auto and 1969 winder. Kind of thing that goes with a suit
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  15. Any photos you’d like to share?
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