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For Sale Available Until Friday - 1198 Base Model

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Ben Mallinson, Sep 1, 2019.

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  1. As per the advert for my Tricolore... due to life generally becoming ridiculously busy, us simply struggling to find any time to get out on the bikes this year and an extension to pay for... We have reluctantly come to the decision to let two out of our stable.

    So here is the second which I would like to offer on here before it gets collected by Italia Moto on friday.

    1198 Superbike (2011), 9507 miles, two former keepers, some tasteful extras and in lovely condition. All original bits included as shown in the photos. If someone from the forum takes it, I will include a set of paddock stands too. If it goes to italia, these will be sold seperately.

    Service history:
    01/04/11 @ 743m
    16/04/12 @ 2562m
    20/04/14 @ 3837m
    13/05/16 @ 6240m
    07/02/17 @ 7108m


    The bike has been in storage since 28/9/17. The bike was stripped of its failings, given a deep clean and good coat of ACF50, the tank was brimmed & fuel stabiliser added, a squirt of light oil put in each bore and a squirt down both intakes and end cans before plugging them and putting it under cover... Every month I have lifted the cover at the rear, turned the engine over by selecting a high gear and rotating the rear wheel by hand. I also had an M.O.T done on the 28/9/17 @ 9502 miles in order to document the mileage going in to storage.

    Today the old girl has come out of storage and looks as fresh as the day she went in! This obviously does mean that she doesn't have an M.O.T and is due a service & belts. I can have the service & M.O.T done by Italia (when they can fit them in) or the buyer can do this themselves... See prices below for each option.

    - Ohlins Rear Shock
    - Ohlins Steering Damper
    - Renthal Chain & Sprocket Conversion (with 14T front sprocket)
    - Exact Start Hi-Cap Starter Cables
    - DP Tail Tidy & Indicators
    - DP Superpole Seat
    - Carbon Zard Penta End Cans (Sound absolutely fantastic)
    - Carbon Rear Hugger
    - Carbon Front Mudguard (I think this is DP)
    - Carbon Exhaust Heat Shields
    - Carbon Swing Arm Cover
    - Carbon Under Seat Tray
    - Carbon Ignition Surround
    - MRA Light Smoked Double Bubble Screen
    - Adjustable Rearsets
    - Adjustable Levers
    - Bar End Weights






    20190901_114644.jpg 20190901_114644.jpg





    Also included in the sale for the next owner are:
    - Original Heat Shields
    - Original Rear Shock
    - Original Under Seat Tray
    - Original Number Plate Holder Assembly
    - Original Belly 'V' Piece and Under Nose Infil Panels
    - Original Front Mudguard
    - Original Exhaust End Cans
    - Original Clutch Plate
    - Original Levers
    - Original Rider & Pillion Foot Rests
    - Original Exhaust Servo Cables
    - Original Pillion Seat
    - Original Ignition Surround
    - Ducati Model Year Brochure

    - Additional Dark Tint Screen
    - 1198 Open Clutch Cover
    - Light Smoked Rear Light






    As mentioned above, I can have the bike serviced and M.O.T'd for a buyer on here but this will have to be when Italia can fit it in and obviously will require a non-refundable deposit being paid in advance of this.

    £7,000 as it currently is or £7,800 with a fresh service and M.OT.

    If no takers by Friday, this and my Tricolore will be available for viewing and sale at Italia Moto from then onwards.

    Thanks for taking the time to look.

    #1 Ben Mallinson, Sep 1, 2019
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  2. That's a beauty Ben, good luck with the sale.
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  3. Glws :upyeah:
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  4. GLWS, Ben.
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  5. Clean :upyeah:
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  6. Thanks for all the positive comments, this one is really pulling at the heart strings. There were a few wobbles today where the 1198 got put back in the garage and selling it was aborted!

    They are achingly good looking bikes and absolute animals on the open road too :)
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  7. Mate if you have doubts don't sell it.
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  8. I would love that bike :heart_eyes:

    But there's a reason why my physio tells me to ride multistradas.

  9. @Topbox

    There are two perfectly reasonable solutions to your quandary;

    1) Put it in the front room and just admire how beautiful it is... The savings in not having to pay for a TV license will eventually make this a free piece of art in your home.

    2) Get a new physio.

    Now, when would you like to collect it? :thinkingface:
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  10. Ah, the my pen or yours close.

    I like it.

    Obviously you take cheques :innocent:

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  11. GLWS. Another beauty.
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  12. A true beauty! I wish you would have made this decision a month ago. I would have been standing on your door step with cash!
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  13. Ah, banged your head and seen sense! o_O
    #15 Exige, Sep 2, 2019
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  14. Someone will end up with a stunner that is for sure.
    #17 Ben Mallinson, Sep 3, 2019
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  15. Another bump...
  16. Dam, that means your selling again :bucktooth:
  17. can't believe this hasn't gone yet, there must be a dozen or more of us on here who would have snapped this up if we didn't have similar already.
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